Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 8/2/13

There is a lot going on this weekend. 

Good luck to Dan, Andrew, Megan and Coach Jake they are climbing Mt. Rainier this weekend.

Good luck to Amanda she's racing in another triathalon. 

Congrats to Chris D. he rode in his very first official Bicycle road race.  You can see more pictures on his race and read about his personal paleo nutrition pursuit at his websites here

chris d pic.jpg

I know this weekend is Seafair but on Sunday many of us will be at it's a cool local CrossFit Competition in Gas Works Park.  If you have a chance come out during the day on Sunday and cheer on many of your friends and fellow CrossFit Interbay athletes. 

We have two teams registered, below are their team names and who's competing on it:
CrossFit Interbay:  John O., Shogun, Christina and Emily

Legalize Streaking CrossFit Interbay Team 2:  -E-, Valery, Matt G. and America (Aka Tyler O.)

The following people are competing in the Firebreather division:  Coach DK, Coach Jason, Coach Tyler and Tim.  I will be competing as an individual too but in the Masters division.  

Come on out, bring a chair to chill out under our tent and watch the action. 

Strength: Max effort 500m Row

800m Run
50 Push Press (75/55)
50 Weighted Lunges (75/55) (each leg = 1)
100 Sit-Ups

The July coaches challenge is over with and two people beat Coach -E- with max KB Swings in 90 seconds.  Congrats to Rob and Emily. 

Now what do we have in store for you with the August Coaches Challenge with Coach James?  MAX UNBROKEN WALL BALLS!!!!!  Here is the video of Coach James doing 60 straight.  Who's going to beat it? 


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