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Friday 8/30/13

We will have a modified schedule on Monday in observation of Labor Day.  We will have a 10am class, if that fills up we will add a 9am class too.  The WOD for Monday:  "Go Crazy Ladies"

Those of you on the CFIB Co-Ed Football Team, we will have one practice on Sunday at 12:15pm held at the Interbay Fields off of Dravus.  If you're interested in playing, email 

Dan and Ron briefing the athletes for the Bellevue Interbay Throwdown

Dan and Ron briefing the athletes for the Bellevue Interbay Throwdown

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A couple of quick tips going into the weekend to eating clean when all types of foods are around you.

The truth is, I’m 40 and busy with the gym, kids, job, wife and life so Sticking to a clean diet has been a huge challenge for me, especially because I am surrounded amazing places to eat, events and activities where amazing food is served.  I have a hard time controlling myself, especially since food is so convenient.  For example, if I’m at a restaurant and there are jalapeno poppers out, all cooked, warm, and smelling delicious, I will start by eating one (hey, it's just one), then two (it's just one more), and then before I know it, I have devoured at least 20 of them.

I was in denial for awhile.  I claimed that I eat "mostly Paleo," except on binge day, once a week.  However, I would "cheat" every few days with just a couple of sour patch kids or a popcycle.  :)  A few days turned into a couple of days, and then turned into every other meal.  Those treats were getting larger and then I was adding ice cream, fried food, rice, and occasionally pasta.  All those "cheat" meals added up and soon enough, I had performance issues at the gym and my weight isn’t where I wanted it to be

So how does one stay Paleo for more than a couple days straight?  What about minimizing fructose temptations?  Here are a couple of tips especially with the long weekend coming up and the Paleo challenge starting in October led by our resident chef, Coach James.

1.  Realizing that my diet was far from clean.  Cheating is cheating.  This took a long time and I still fight with it.  For awhile when people asked me what kind of diet I was on, I would reply "clean everyday except for my cheat day."  However in reality, I would sneak in just a few cheat items. It started with allowing myself a couple of sour patch kids or Swedish fish every week, to putting "bad" food on my plate to "develop self control," and then to allowing rice and other high GI items in my diet (hey, my metabolism is fast, or at least it was when before I hit the big 40).  I had a million reasons for justifying any food at any frequency anytime I wanted.  As I "allowed" more items into my diet, the portion size started getting bigger too.  I truly realized my diet was problematic when I started performing poorly during CrossFit.  Though my intentions were good, my diet was far from clean.  If I cheat every couple of days, I cannot expect amazing results.

2.  Keeping a variety of snacks (plural) with me at all times.  I feel like it is even easier to get hungry when on Paleo and trying to eat clean.  I was always hungry, plus I love to eat so I’m hungry all the time anyway. :)  When I first outline my food plan for the week, the only snack I planned on having were meatballs.  What I did not realize at the time was that meatballs would require me to visit the kitchen and heat it up.  I had some nuts at work but eating the same kind of nuts and nuts all the time get boring.  What I really wanted was an energy bar.  However, the only meal bar out there that would fit into my challenge was LaraBars, which I had at my desk, but did not like very much (too sweet).  Therefore, mid-week I made Primal Energy Bars (my favorite!) and stocked up on some other non-refrigerated snacks like roasted seaweed, jerky, nut varieties, sunflower seeds, and kale chips.   I also put these snacks everywhere: at work, in my car, gym bag, and sometimes even my pockets so that I would literally be surrounded by "approved" food at all times.  This also helps me stay away from grabbing something from the convenient store or having a whoppitizer (a whoppitizer is when you get so hungry you have a whopper on your way home for dinner, ok I grew out of this over 10 years ago but I have supplemented a whoppitizer with dicks burgers, redmill, random food from QFC that I probably shouldn’t eat).

3.  The buddy system or the support group.  I feel like any challenge to start a lifestyle or get back on track for eating clean, at least initially, will be easier if you do it with a friend or even better, a group of friends.  Making it social can keep it fun.  People could alternate cooking dinner, host Paleo dinner parties, and help motivate each other.  We can organize that more in October when we start our CFIB 30 day Paleo Challenge but between now and then use your friends, gym members and coaches.  Feel free to text, email, facebook, and reach out to a coach or friend in the gym.  Coach James receives texts from gym members asking if something is ok to eat, so do Erin and I.  You have all the coaches and other gym members for support.  Coach Taryn is also another person that’s great to reach out to if you have questions, need guidance or support with what to eat and any questions, she’s guided many people to a lifestyle of clean eating.

The hardest time during the change of eating habits are the first week, and the hardest part is curbing those cravings.  Paleo or not Paleo, just learning to avoid sugar and grains, or any food with a high glycemic index, makes a huge difference in both appearance and performance.  It's a big, challenging first step, but after that it is not too bad.

I hope this helps.  I often have to refocus my nutrition so don’t feel bad if you let yourself fall off it too, the trick is to pick yourself back up and get back to a habit of good clean living.  Please reach out to the coaches for assistance with your diet & nutrition.

5 Rounds
10 Seated Press (75/45)
15 KB Swings (55/35)
20 Sit Ups
400m Run


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