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Thursday 9/12/13

I came across a blog post that talked about women and thought I’d use part of it, but with our own spin and twist, to discuss women trainers at CrossFit Interbay.  People tend to think that CrossFit, Fitness and weight lifting in general is for men or at least male dominated.  The thing I absolutely love since I came into CrossFit is that there are so many strong women (mentally and physically), and there are so many strong female coaches………..AND AGAIN I LOVE IT.

Here is an ode to female coaches out there.  I know how hard you have worked and I want to give them a shout out and you a background as to why having a woman as your coach is a very good thing. 

1.  She has had to work hard, very hard, for every inch of upper-body strength and knows exactly how it feels to be chasing that elusive pull up or ring dip.  Give her the respect she deserves.

2.  Further to point 1; She is likely going to have good tips and great understanding of struggling with that pull up, ring dip, handstand pushup, etc. to get you there because she had to hunt for it herself.  It’s nice to have someone that understands the struggle of getting a new strength or skill, they’ve been there before, they got through it and they will get you through it.

3.  Her first venture into the weights section of a gym or CrossFit gym was probably a pretty intimidating experience.  Stop the presses!  Girls can lift weights too!  This makes her the beginner’s best friend.

4.  Pound for Pound she can probably lift alot more than her male counterpart and with a touch more grace and finesse.

5.  She is likely to focus on technique and form before lifting heavy.  It is a fact that you lift better and more weight if you spend more time getting this right, which explains point 4. (Hand on heart guys, we love to jump to the heavy weight.  We preach form form form and scaling at CFIB however, there are many guys saying F**k it, I’m Pr’ing- I am not trying to be mean, you know it’s true).

6.  She appears to have way less ego then her male counterparts which make her far more approachable to ask that question that you think sounds silly.  I use the word “think” because at CrossFit Interbay we are very lucky to have coaches and members that are humble, funny and easy to approach.  Even if they have arms and shoulders shooting out of their shirts, (hahahaha why lie, if they are mid-wod their shirts aren’t on), but the male trainers at CFIB are very approachable but sometimes people are hesitant to ask us something….don’t ever be intimidated to approach any trainer, but I do recognize that sometimes the women trainers are more approachable than men, (side note, please don’t test this by asking me questions about periods, the birds and the bees or shopping.  I have a 14 year old daughter, she messes with me asking me these questions.  The other day I said to her “we should talk more” and she goes “great dad, I have my period today and I was thinking about what clothes I should wear to Ballard’s first Football game, do you want to talk about that.  Me:  “ERINNNNNNN, IT’S FOR YOU”).

7.  Because of all of the above, and because she has busted her proverbial balls to get where she is, and because she has built herself up and can sure as hell do the same for you. She is certainly not the soft touch at CrossFit Interbay.  She’s feminine, she’s healthy, she’s strong, she’s smart, she’s here to kick a$$ in a WOD and she’s here to help you get into the best shape of your life.



Strength/Skill:  Work on your clean (if you're feeling good and want to go for a PR, do it.  Otherwise, moderate weight work on speed and technique) 

10 min amrap:
100m run
10 push press (95/65)
8 jumping squats (bar racked on back 95/65)(Scale to jumping air squats, I only want bar jumping backsquats done if you have really good regular jumping air squats and a good strong midline otherwise no jumping squats with load, do jumping air squats not reduce the weight)
*use one bar and same weight both bar exerercises.



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