Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 1/17/14 GO HAWKS!!!!

1st: Remember there is a 3pm Olympic Lifting class today with Coach Marcos.

2nd: More details to come about the 12th Man run with Holly this Sunday.  The run will start on Sunday at 9am, more details to come regarding the route.  If you've emailed me with interest to run with her, I will contact you about times and locations.  If you still want to run with her, email me at or text at 206-399-5707.

3rd:  This Saturday is CrossFit Hailstorm's Open house from 1-3pm for newer people that want to be exposed to CrossFit and see what the gym is about.  CrossFit Interbay members are more than welcome to come during that time but we will run a special workout to "break in the gym" at 3pm for just us.  Come on out and check out the new place.

cf hailstorm 3.JPG

Front Squat
1st Work Set 6 reps @ 65% 1RM
2nd Work Set 4 reps @ 75% 1RM
3rd Work Set 2 reps @ 85% 1RM
4th Work Set Max Reps @ 85% 1RM

Pick one of the following 2 WODs(both can be run at the same time in class)
WOD 1:
Power Cleans (135/95)


WOD 2:
Thrusters (155/105)
Muscle Ups(Triple the Push-Ups if you don’t have muscle ups)

It's Blue Friday, wear your Seahawks colors as they go into the NFC Championship Game this Sunday.  When they go to the Superbowl, plan on doing the 12th Man WOD the Friday before.

Go Hawks!!!!

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