Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 1/27/13

1st:  Ladies night is Wednesday at 8pm.   Remember with Ladies night there will be NO other distractions.  It will just be a straight up CrossFit workout that will be suitable for ANY level of CrossFit and if wine or beer arrive, I won’t complain.

If you don’t want to workout?  No big deal, just come by and hang out with your fellow CrossFit Interbay ladies!

2nd:  Congrats to Marissa, Taryn and Logan for competing at the Teen Gauntlet this weekend, this is a mandatory competition if you want to qualify to compete at the CrossFit Games in the teen division.  All three killed it and special congrats to Marissa for taking first place in her division.


Strength:  Backsquat..........."For time"..........confused yet?  Good :-)

7 Rounds
12 SDHP (75/45)
10 Burpees

FOX Sports 1 invited members from a Seattle Youth Football League to watch the NFC Championship between their hometown Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers and proposed a challenge. If they could stay completely silent for the entire game -- no talking, no cheering -- they could win a cash prize for new equipment and improvements to their's hilarious

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