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Thursday 1/30/14

I may have felt a tear coming on when I read this from Cat, but don't worry I would have wiped that tear away with sandpaper and barbed wire because I'm hardcore :-) Seriously, we love hearing stories like this, the coaches and other members put a lot of time into the gym, care about each others' results and make sure that every person is put in the best position to succeed and hit their goals.   It's nice when we hear such positive feedback.   Cat was nice enough to let me share this with the gym.

Go on Cat, keep kicking butt :-)

From Cat:
Today is very special to me. I'd really like to thank my coaches and friends at Crossfit Interbay. I started a fundamentals class one year ago today and that night truly changed my life forever. I only went into it with the intention of "giving it a try" for a month. I thought I was in "relatively okay shape". I was quickly humbled. It was challenging, it hurt, and my body ached with soreness. I realized that my fitness goals needed some reorientation. I stuck with it and felt nearly defeated midway through a workout, but wanted to cry after every class because I was so damn proud of myself for pushing through and doing it. It was then that I realized there was no possible way that a month was going to satisfy my needs for more of this amazing mental, emotional, and physical empowerment. I am happy to say that a year later I have truly invested a sound dedication to my commitment of a LIFE LONG pursuit of health and fitness. My fitness goals have changed, my attitude about myself has changed, and most importantly I view my attendance and healthy habits at the pinnacle of priorities in my everyday lifestyle. It would not be possible without the fantastic help of Erin, Ron, Beth, the entire coaching staff, and of course all of the amazing people I have met in this box. You guys have been awesome friends and your cheering, encouragement, drive, and passion to help one another pushes me far beyond my internal motivation ever could. It amazes me to watch the gains we've achieved together and I really can't thank you all enough for being such a positive component in my life.

 Cat and Mindi

Cat and Mindi

Strength/Skill:  Clean

“last man standing”

EMOM until failure (max 12 minutes)
3 Power Clean (185/125)
3 Front Squat (185/125)
20 Double Unders

We haven't had a good cat video in a long time.

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