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Friday 1/31/14 "I'm In"

IT'S A BET!!!!! So we have been talking to Crossfit Surge, in Colorado, and placed a wager on the Super Bowl.

After our win on Sunday, CrossFit Surge ( has to do our "12th Man WOD" as described below(we will be doing this WOD today):

After the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, CrossFit Surge will be required to play Macklemore, Jimmy Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Heart...etc during the 12th Man WOD (did any good music come out of Colorado, they benefit from this part of the bet for sure). We don't expect their gym to go buy Seahawks gear, but they will wear blue/green attire during the WOD. They will send us pictures and video of them doing the WOD too.  However, if hell freezes over, and the Broncos win, we will have to do their WOD, wear orange and play One Republic(ugggggh are they the only Colorado band? please please please we can't lose this).

p.s. Since it's Blue Friday, wear your blue & green.
p.s.s. If you want to throw a comment on CrossFit Surges website or Facebook, feel free :-)  Let them know we are excited to watch them do our WOD. 

You can thank Coach Geoff, Aaron K. and Jason A. (does 6 & 7pm class) for the idea and helping set this fun wager up, for those of you who don't know, Jason is visiting us for a few months from Colorado and trains at CrossFit Surge.  Jason is obviously very smart, I haven't seen him wear orange one day since he's been with us and he's often in blue and green.  Good Man :-)

GO HAWKS!!!!! 


1st:  We have an Olympic LIfting class today at 3pm with Coach Marcos.  See you there.

2nd:  We will have regular classes on Sunday, come in and get your sweat on before the Super Bowl.

"12th man"
5 Rounds
12 Weighted Lunges from the front rack (115/75)
12 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
12 Burpees

Look at Richard Sherman in this video, Broncos better not throw the ball.

In case you missed this post on the CrossFit Interbay Facebook Page

Every great quote deserves the remix treatment. Lynch doesn't say much to the media but when he does it's gold. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

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