Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 3/11/14

I'm sitting here still trying to catch my breath from a hard workout I just finished.  Right now I feel great.  One hour before the workout? Not so much.  I didn't want to workout.  I had a long day; I was tired; I still had a lot of things to do; I'll do it tomorrow.  You know those excuses. . .  Don't you?


What I really wanted after working all day was a warm bed, a cold beer, veg out in front of the tv and maybe a nap……...Ahhhh, that still sounds good  


When that feeling hits, it would be so much easier to flip open the laptop, kick up my feet, and put on Game of Thrones (It’s time to re-watch previous seasons since Season 4 comes soon, woot woot who else is excited).


Every time that urge starts to take hold, A nagging voice gets very loud and reminds me. Do You Really Want This?


Is it really worth putting off 1 hour . . . 1 HOUR worth it to spend that extra hour sitting on the couch?  Do you really want to be in the same exact place next year?


There's a reason people fail at accomplishing their goals……….Because It isn’t easy.


If it were, everyone would be at their ideal weight, would be happy with how they look when dancing naked in front of a mirror, running marathons, unbelievably strong and going to the CrossFit Games.


Right now when you are at the office or with your friends, there are certain people that feel uncomfortable around you, because your goals and focus make them uneasy.  They see you putting in the hard work, they see you passing on the pastries and they see your focus. They might even say things like, "C'mon live little... You can have just ONE".  Why? Because if you can't stick to it, they'll feel a little better about giving up on themselves.   They can go on quietly ignoring that voice telling them things need to change.

But if you keep up the hard work day-in and day-out.  Your results will be hard to ignore to you and to them.  And then guess what?  People start to feel like they can too. Your progress becomes contagious.  You'll inspire a movement.

So right now if you don't feel particularly pumped up.  You have a choice.  You can be at the mercy of that nagging desire to be comfortable . . . for one more hour.  Or you can choose the higher road. One committed to progress...To being better than yesterday.

Yes, there will be days where you will not have the energy to workout, but come in anyway.  Stay mentally disciplined to your training, because I guarantee after you’re done working out, you’ll have more energy and feel better about sticking to your goals.


You don’t have to feel motivated to workout, you need to show up.  Even if during the workout you feel sluggish and are barely moving to get the reps done.  That’s fine, you’re still doing more work than sitting on the couch breaking your diet again.

Just come in and we will take care of the rest.  3 months from now, 6 months from now, 1 year from now, you will be a healthier you. 


This has nothing to do with anything but I found it hilarious:  People were asked to describe their first sexual experience with a gif (SFW)

Strength:  Push Press 3x3x3

4 Round
400m Run
15 SDHP (75/55)
25 Sit-Ups


CF Endurance:
2000m Row
5 Minutes Rest
1500m Row
4 Minutes Rest
1000m Row

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