Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 4/20/14

We have our regular classes today but we are cancelling our evening classes, which means no regular 4pm, 5pm, 6pm or 7pm classes.

We are adding two specialty classes at 5:30pm & 6:30pm classes run by Coach Marcos.

Everyone else that's going to 14.4, look at yesterdays post for details and directions.  I won't be available during the day so texting, emails and calls won't help.   I'll see you there though, this is going to be so much fun!!!!

mike 2.jpg

Strength/Skill: 15 minutes working your Snatch

"HURRY UP!!!!!.....and wait"


20 minute AMRAP

Run 400m

Hold plank for 1 minute (self timed)

I'm not saying this video is me, I just found it funny.  In fact I found it so funny, so I think you should like this blog post so I know you found it funny too :)

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