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Tuesday 3/25/14

I love hearing stories like this, thank you for sharing Aaron:

So far, I’ve lost 15-20lbs (now 190lbs – down from 205-210 when I started).  I believe I’ve got another 15lbs to lose.  More important, although I still have much more to do, I’ve begun to feel pretty healthy and as though I’m at least beginning to be in shape.  When I first started Crossfit, I was so out of shape that I frequently worried that I wasn’t capable of finishing the workouts.  My heart would pound, I couldn’t get air and I would be thinking to myself, “this one may actually kill me!”  Although I still find some of the workouts very challenging and I’m not breaking any records, I’m fit enough to know that I can complete them if I just keep moving and don’t give up. The best/worst example is the 12 Days of Crossfit workout we did around Christmas.  It took me more than 38 minutes to complete – several minutes longer than anyone else in the class.  I was embarrassed by this – but also proud that I hadn’t given up.

I absolutely think that Crossfit is awful – but I love it.

Aaron B.

Aaron B.

Aaron B.

Modified Linda
Deadlift (3/4 Body Weight for Rx)
Power Clean (3/4 Body Weight for Rx)

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