Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 4/23/14

Rob R. ran in the Boston Marathon recently.  Rob and his wife were spectators at last years marathon cheering for his running partner near the finish when the 2nd bomb went off.   While fortunately they weren't injured, Rob said it was particularly meaningful for him to go back and run in it this year. So he made it a point to go back run, have fun,  and revel in the positive experience of this historic race.

Congrats Rob, we're all proud and very excited for you.  Here is an email and sweet picture Rob sent us after his race:

Finished the marathon today! What an impressive show of love and support from the City of Boston, the fans, volunteers, heightened security and the participating athletes! This year nothing was going to stop a successful event or deny the city a proper race. What a well run race for 36,000 plus runners! As an aging runner I have run more than a few races and this one was ultra special.

Want to say THANKS to all the coaches at CFIB over the last year. Especially those I worked with the most, including Erin, Geoff, And Beth. I have no doubt that the demanding strength workout, miserable core development, gutsy met-cons and relentless coaching helped get me across the finish line today. Thanks also Ron, for the occasional option of CrossFit Endurance for those that want the option of hitting the road or rowing machines for longer WODS.

Also, congrats to Nichole and Christine for pushing on and doing the 4 masters qualifier WODs. They inspire us all.

Looking forward to getting back to working out with my friends at CFIB after some rest.

Rob R.

Strength:  Deadlift
First work set 5 Reps @ 67% your 1RM
Second work set 3 Reps @ 76% your 1RM
Third work set max reps @ 85% your 1RM

2 Rounds
50 KB Swings (55/35)
100 Double Unders
50 Sit-Ups

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