Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 5/2/14

It's going to be gorgeous on Friday so I assume this will encourage more people to workout without their shirt on, and that's ok......especially in CrossFit.  Here is a list I found discussing why we prefer to workout without a shirt.

1. My Shirt Chokes Me During Tiring Met-cons

When I’m in the 5th minute of a WOD and I’m kipping and snatching my brains out, the last thing I want to be thinking of is the tri-blend shirt-noose that’s aggressively massaging me into asphyxiation. To be sure, I enjoy breathing. I also prefer exercising intensely with a maximal amount of oxygen coursing to my cerebrum. Tossing the shirt into the bleachers makes keeping the ol’ trachea highway traffic-free just a bit easier.

2. You Have to “Go Hard” When Your Shirt’s Off

If you take your shirt off in the gym, you’re gonna draw looks. Period. Maybe because you’re smelling like last night’s tamales, maybe because you have the curious body type of a conehead, or maybe because you suddenly are storming around wide-winged like Jax from Sons of Anarchy – regardless of reason, the eyes are on you.

3. It Helps Me Strike Fear into the Barbell

A heavy barbell can be a daunting thing. Load 300+ lbs onto some iron and a perfect storm of self-doubt and defeatist thinking is liable to start brewing inside your loins.

By taking your shirt off and bearing it all, you’re letting the barbell know that you are not intimidated by its placid, faceless mocking. While some people may scoff at this personification of a barbell, I assure you those people have never encountered and/or experienced a heavy clean & jerk crushing their spirit and landing on top of and perpendicular to their windpipe.

4. Going Shirtless Keeps Me Young

I was born naked and free. And, as every minute passes in my life, society tries to dress me up, smite out my childish spirit, and dampen the joy naturally effervescing from my pores. Tossing my American Apparel to the wind allows me to reconnect with the infinitely optimistic Power Ranger inside me and channel their rainbow super strength to dominate in my workouts. Just as the application of some moisturizing creams are advertised to “take 10 years off your face,” stripping your bod of shirtly bondage immediately takes 20 years off your youthful my friend.

5. Going Shirtless Increases Testosterone

Unofficial early statistics have reported that removal of the shirt prior to intense exercise increases free testosterone in the body by at least 34%. This means Hulk-style gains as soon as that v-neck comes off. And, while these studies are in their nascent and inconclusive stages, the preliminary evidence is quite compelling.

If you’re looking for more anecdotal proof of this phenomenon, look no further than the CrossFit Games as an example of what taking off your shirt in a workout can do for you. Notice anyone on the podium wearing a t-shirt? Didn’t think so. The only things on that stage are washboard abs and high-volume intensity. Booyah.

Apparently, ripping your top off is about as effective as taking a regular trip to Balco – minus the tabloid scorn, expensive and exhausting legal hearings, and unsightly needle marks.

Mr. Rodriquez, sorry this news didn’t come out earlier.

25 V-Ups
800 m run
30 KB Swings (50/35)
800m Run
30 KB Swings
100 Double Unders
30 Push Press (75/55)
800m Run
30 Push Press
800m Run
25 V-Ups

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