Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 5/27/14

Congratulations to everyone that came out and grinded out those long WODs.  Some of you had tears in your hands, what can you do now to speed up the healing?

First, we rather you didn't push yourself to the point where your hands tear but if it does happen here are some tips for hand repair.

Wash It Out

The first thing to do when your hand rips is clean it out well. It is going to be painful, but wash it out with warm water and soap. Depending on the environment, you may also want to rinse it with Iodine.

Trim Excess Skin

If the skin is torn in a way it is going to catch and rip further, use sterilized scissors and trim the excess skin away. If the tear is small, more like a burst blister, than leave the skin to protect the healthy flesh underneath.

Bandage and Keep Moist

The key to healing quickly and to minimizing pain is to keep the wound site moist. Use a product with Vitamin E, if possible; otherwise anything from Vaseline to Bag Balm will do the trick. Keeping the rip moist will prevent it from drying and tearing further. If you have cracked open a dried wound, you know it is very painful and causes healing to take much longer.

Bag It Overnight

One trick many gymnasts use, and I have taken advantage of myself, is to wear gloves, socks or plastic bags over my hands overnight. It keeps your hands moisturized and also helps prevent you from spreading lotion/vaseline all over your bedding.

And that’s it.  When I wake up, my skin is super supple and my blisters are usually repaired enough to the point where they don’t burn when I try to grab something.  It’s a process a little more complex than good ol’ fashioned lotion but, hey, it works and I can get back to WOD'ing.

Strength/Skill:  Hang Snatch

3 Rounds
10 Power Snatch (115/75)
25 Wall Balls (20/14)

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