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Thursday 5/29/14

So running and season is here in full force and I know a lot of you are looking to participate in road races this summer. I have heard a lot of talk about half marathons. Several of you have already completed one or two this season and I know some of you are looking forward to the Rock N Roll and other upcoming races. I know E - is considering dipping her toe back in those waters with the Rock N Roll half.

First, for those of you continuing or adding races to your CrossFitting, I think this is fantastic. Changing up your workout routine will definitely keep you excited about continuing to be healthy. DUH – the reason we all like CrossFit so much! Also, it is good to have goals. Setting goals and accomplishing them keeps us happy and being happy make life so much better! I just read an article that said that being happy keeps us married longer . . . I’m not sure I needed an article to tell me that, I thought it was because E was awesome, but ok, I’m sold now!

Some of you have told me that you want to run but are having trouble getting miles under your belt. My suggestion to you is get a running buddy! We have a lot. . . A LOT of runners in the gym. I am sure they would be happy to join up for a few miles here and there. By way of this blog, I am volunteering Holly to run with whomever and whenever! Also, Bekah M. has been trying to get some of you out at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings for those of you early risers . . . (CRAZY TOWN!)

If you are looking for a running partner or want to volunteer yourself, please post to comments here or on Facebook. Also, if you are running in the Rock N Roll, lets coordinate a before and after race meet up and photo. Plus we can help motivate one another during. Let me know if you are planning on running!

For those of you on the fence . . . Here is some feedback from some of the races that have already been completed. I’m pretty sure everyone felt pretty accomplished!

My half marathon was last Sunday (5/18) & I ran 3 minutes faster than 2013 & 5 seconds slower than 2011 (same course) (didn't run 2012). I'm very pleased with the result & felt pretty good, considering it is 13 miles after all. My training this year was CrossFit 3 times a week + 1-2 runs a week with total weekly mileage in the range of 5-15 miles (longest training run was 10 miles). Prior years I logged ~20-26 miles a week. GO CROSSFIT! (Dave P.)

I did it lol! I finished slow but steady I finished in 2:24. . . but about a year and a half ago I shattered my tib/fib and had not ran (a half marathon since), so this is kinda a big milestone I'm excited!! (Chantelle)

1:55 - the last 4 miles were great - I was strong and focused and didn't have to stop at all. I have run ~10 half marathons and 5 marathons and the last 1/3 of this race was by FAR the smoothest and strongest. I attribute it totally to the strength and condition and mental toughness that CrossFit brings... I'm really excited about my full marathon in the fall! (Jim P.)

I ran the Evergreen Trail run's marathon at Soaring Eagle last Saturday. This is only my second marathon to date and my first since I began Crossfit last May. My training has consisted of yoga, Crossfit, and 6 to 13 mile runs, 14 mile mountain bike rides and swimming. I have not put in near the mileage that I did in training for my first marathon. It was somewhat of a test to see how well I would do. I had no problem running for the 5 hours it took to complete the 26.2 miles and finished in third place. My road time was faster at 4 hours but I think that is to be expected. After a year of Crossfit, my body is much stronger and it has made up for spending hours and hours doing training runs. The intensity of Crossfit has greatly improved my respiration as well. I did not get winded as easily and found I could push myself when I needed to. At the times I needed a little push, I imagined all my coaches and friends screaming in my ear cheering me along. I have so much gratitude to Ron, Erin and all of my Crossfit Interbay family. (Amanda S.)

If you have an accomplishment that you want to share, please email me. We love to hear your stories whether it’s a 5k, full marathon, or maybe you just increased the amount of days you are working out. Not only do you deserve to be recognized but also, your stories are an inspiration to us all. And maybe it is you and your story that gets someone started on their journey to a healthier life.

Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Run:  800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, 100m

Row:  1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, 100m

1:1 Work to rest ratio with the run and row

Strength:  Back Squat Week 1
1st work set 5 reps at 58% your 1RM
2nd work set 5 reps at 67% your 1RM
3rd work set max reps at 76% your 1RM

KB Swings
100m Run

Strength 2:
Push Press Behind the Neck Snatch Grip 5-5-5-5.  Perform a push press with a snatch grip, starting the barbell racked across the back of the shoulders as it would be for a back squat. Moderate weight using perfect form and lock that overhead position at the peak of each rep.

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