Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 5/6/14

Make sure you write your PR's on the board and they don't just have to be PR's in the gym.  Put up there up lost xx pounds, your time in a 5k, mud race, everyone cares about your accomplishments so list them.

April 2014 PR Board.  Bring on May!!!!!!!


Run: Repeat 7:00 on, 4:00 off, until form/pace deteriorates
Row: Repeat 7:00 on, 4:00 off, until form/pace deteriorates


Strength:  Backsquat
First Work Set 5 reps @ 65% 1RM
Second Work Set 5 Reps @ 75% 1RM
Third Work Set Maximum Reps @ 85% 1RM

Repeat WOD:  2010 NW Sectionals Event 1
3 Rounds
10 OH Squats (135/95)  FB (165/105)
50 Double Unders
*12 Minute time cap


Strength 2:
4 sets of 6 reps per side Bulgarian Split Squats, barbell on your back or use dumbbells in each hand.

Benefits of Bulgarian Split Squats

The Bulgarian Split Squat has a heap of benefits that range from evening out imbalances to improving performance across a wide range of athletics (because most sports involve a split stance of some kind).

Bulgarian Split Squats enhance balance, hip stability and lower back/pelvic function (by firing up muscles that stabilize the hip such as gluteus medius), they increase hip flexor flexibility in the opposite leg,and they are relatively easy on the spine. They can also be done virtually anywhere you have an elevated surface, for example, at home with a chair, couch or ottoman.

Addicted to squats? Great! The Bulgarian Split Squat will help with those too!

The Bulgarian split squat does take a great deal of balance and stability. Because you have to align so many structures and getting into the correct position can be a bit tricky, doing these split squats isn't as easy as it looks. But they're worth it.

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