Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 6/18/14

A couple of announcements:

1st, This Sundays regular class are cancelled so we can run the SPU Fundraiser, you can still donate here:  Wounded Falcon Project Link. Plus there will be an auction the day of the event, while the burpees are going on, many local businesses donated services and items to help raise money for this event.  So tell everyone you know, stop in, cheer everyone on and help raise money.  You can find more details at the Facebook page here

2nd, since we are running the SPU event on Sunday the Photography with Chris D is going to be rescheduled to Sunday July 20th.  Sorry we have to reschedule but we all agreed the SPU fundraiser was a priority and July 20th 's the next available date Chris D. can volunteer to do this.  So check the facebook events page for updates and if you're interested in doing this email me at ron@crossfitinterbay or friend me on FaceBook so I can add you to the event invite here

Strict Pull-Ups (use the smallest band to complete the reps or add weight so the third rep is always challenging)

Push Press (95/65)

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