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Wednesday 6/25/14

Holly and Amanda crossing the finish line together of the Rock N Roll Marathon.  Congrats to everyone that ran in the half and full marathon this weekend. 

Of course Holly had to run the whole thing with the Seattle Seahawks flag, in a Seahawks Jersey with full face paint.

Of course Holly had to run the whole thing with the Seattle Seahawks flag, in a Seahawks Jersey with full face paint.

4 Benefits of Turkish Get Ups

  • improved shoulder strength and stability. TGU’s move your shoulder through it’s entire range of motion; all while keeping the arm extended under a static load. With little to no load, they’re both the perfect warmup to an upper body lifting routine and as part of a shoulder rehabilitation program. Trainer Tip: Concentrate on keeping your arm fully extended, with the weight held directly above the shoulder and eye focus on the weight during the ‘up’ and ‘down’ portions of the exercise.
  • increased core strength and endurance. While the TGU may not look like a typically ‘abdominal’ exercise, break down the movement sequence and you’ll find that it requires activation and stabilization of the entire core complex. The farther a heavy load is held from the centre of the body, the more it taxes the muscles of the core. The slower you perform the sequence, the longer those muscles will remain under tension. Trainer Tip: Concentrate on keeping glutes and abdominals engaged throughout; stability supports movement and helps prevent injury. 
  • correct left-right movement pattern asymmetries. Most of us have a ‘stronger’ side. As a consequence, movement patterns will be easier to perform on one side of the body than the other. Practice TGU’s on both sides of the body to improve the ease with which you can perform day-to-day movement patterns (e.g., getting in and out of a car), as well as those required during recreational sports (e.g., kicking a soccer ball). Trainer Tip: When performing unilateral exercises, always start with your weaker, less coordinated side; focus on reducing the left-right imbalance before progressing the exercise.
  • whole body, metabolic exercise. The more muscle groups required to perform an exercise, the more the exercise will elevate your heart rate and the more calories you’ll burn during (and perhaps after) the workout.

Strength/Skill:  3x3(each arm 3 times per set) Turkish Get ups w/Kettlebell.....slow and controlled movements.  Do a couple of warm up sets before going into your work sets.

600m Run
10 Muscle Ups (25 Ring Dips)
30 V-Ups
Rest 3 minutes (self Timed)
400m Run
5 Muscle Ups (15 Ring Dips)
20 V-Ups
Rest 2 Minutes (self timed)
200m Run
3 Muscle Ups (10 Ring Dips)
10 V-Ups

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