Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 6/27/14

This Saturday from 11:30am-1:30pm is 1RM Day.  Come on out, get warmed up and pick a lift or two to find your 1RM.  I will be there to coach, spot and keep people safe while maxing out.

Coach Geoff doing his yoga everywhere.

Shoulder Press
5x5x3x3x3 (5's 70-80% 1RM, 3's 80-85% 1RM)

15 Power Cleans (Rx 135/95) (FB Coaches Choice for each athlete)
1 Mile Run
15 Power Cleans

Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about getting Vajazzled and Va-ding-a-linged:  link here, a couple of you came up to me and were thankful that I turned you onto this accessory.  Now I'm happy to tell you there is more you can do this summer.  This sweet new swimwear design for men, you should be va-ding-a-linged to really set off the bling.  I think it's safe for work but you probably don't want someone seeing this on your computer if they see over your shoulder, no nudity but ummmmmmmmmmm just see for yourself.  Here you go, summer 2014 coolest fashion wear for those that are va-ding-a-linged:  Sweet Link Here .........It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's dangerously close to slipping and revealing everything going on down there.

One last music video to end the week on a pimpin note.  Actually I don't know if this song is really good or really really stupid because of what he's wearing.  However, I think this could be our theme for our anniversary party in October :-)

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