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Monday 6/30/14

Congratulations to Travis, -E- and Lance for competing in the Whiskey Throttle Throwdown this weekend.  They did great, hit many Pr's and placed really high overall.  More competitions coming up this season, I hope some of you choose to compete in an event or two this summer, most of the competitions have Fire breather divisions, Rx divisions and scaled divisions, plus try something new and run a 5k or longer.  You work hard at your fitness, get out and do something different with it. 

On that same note, now that summer is here, there have been alot of other activities that you all have been participating in outside of the gym, foot races, biking, hiking, climbing, etc.  We WANT to know about them.  Whether you think you did good or bad, we want to post it here and give you the limelight that you deserve.  Please take a picture and send it too us too.    

Coach Lance

Coach Lance

Coach -E-

Coach -E-

Coach Travis

Coach Travis

7x2 Hang Clean

The 7 x 2 rep scheme is perfect for technical movements like the clean and snatch. Two reps per set means you can get 2 good reps in without feeling too fatigued. I like this for beginners, and most of us at CFIB are still "beginners." At two reps, you can really concentrate on your movement and you are less likely to get sloppy. A note about the 7 x 2 rep scheme: it is okay to dump the bar after the first rep and then re-grip it.  Really stay focused on refining your movement during this, it’s more about practice than it is about strength gain during this drill. Two good reps eight times. 

"Hang" means the clean or snatch movement starts with the bar between the knee and the hip crease. Purists start the hang movements with the bar just above the kneecaps. In all actuality, you do not start at the hip, quickly and slightly lower down (dip) and then do the clean movement.

"Power" means the clean or snatch movement where the athlete catches the clean or snatch above a parallel squat position.

Your coach will be there to look at your movements before you move onto the more technical/advanced movement. Starting with lots of practice from the hang will get you dialed in for the movements starting from the floor.

How do you make a gym go "oh crap"  "ugggh really" and "beast mode time"  all at the same time?

You program FRAN on Monday to kick off the week :-)

Thrusters (95/65)
*10 Minute time cap

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