Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 8/29/14

A couple of things. 

1st we will have regular classes on Saturday and Sunday but we will have a modified schedule on Monday for the Labor Day Holiday.  Monday classes will be at 9 & 10am.

2nd Friday is Coach Tylers last day of coaching, he has accepted a position in the U-Village area so you won't see his face at the 5:30am class anymore.  Don't worry he will still be around from time to time and we'll see him at competitions too.  Remember, his better half Christina here, so he won't be far.

and 3rd.  Reposting this from our CrossFit Interbay FB:
Football Season is coming and who wants to get in on some pick’ em football. Each week you will select the winner of each NFL game throughout the 17 week regular season. That’s it, no drafting players, no building teams just pick the winner and loser of each game before the week’s games starts. There will be prizes for winners each week and in CrossFit Interbay Style there will be a physical challenge for the person that takes last place in the picks each week. If you’re interested email me immediately since the regular season games start a week from today.

What makes this even better; you don’t have to know football that well. Nothing is sweeter than winning because you picked the teams to win because you thought they had the best color uniforms(I did this once and won for the week, it drove the serious football guys crazy). It’s a fun way to enjoy the football season with friends.

Email me at so I can send you an invite to our league. The only cost will be a 20 dollar donation which 100% of it will be used for weekly cash prizes and overall winner prizes……again don’t forget we will have a physical challenge each week to whoever took last place and a nasty one for whoever took last place overall at the end of the season

Emily & Halli

Emily & Halli

Megan & Nicole

Megan & Nicole

Kevin & Beth

Kevin & Beth

Jumping Lunges

Clean and jerk (Rx 165/105, Mx 135/85, FB 225/115)
Muscle Ups or ring dips (21/15/9)

Or a calorie burner WOD, your choice today

18 min amrap (5:30am do this WOD)
400m run
7 clean and jerks (135/95)

I think Geoff has too much time on his hands :-) his ice bucket challenge cracked me up, he said it took him all weekend to set up this contraption.

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