Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 9/23/14

Unfortunately we are losing Tom, he's moving to NYC with his wife Erin for job and a new adventure.  We are going to meet at the Box Car at 6pm-ish for drinks and to wish him well.  In honor of Tom Wednesday we will listen to nothing but Phish in every class.  Ok ok ok that's too much, we can't workout to Phish, we'll listen to them during the warm ups, wait wait wait that won't work either.  Ok, on Wednesday we will say "Phish Rules" when we see Tom :-) they are a fine band, just not workout music

Back Squat
5 Sets of 5 Reps @ 70-80% 1RM
*Max reps on your last set

5 Rounds
2 Minute AMRAP
2 Power Clean (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95, FB 185/125)
4 Burpees
*Rest 1 Minute between each 2 Minute AMRAP.  Start the next round where you left off in the previous round

NFL players should take notes from this kid on how to give a post football game interview. P.M.A. BABY!!!!

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