Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 9/9/14

First!!!!! This Sunday is the CrossFit Pictures by Chris D. that will be at CFIB, there is no charge for this, Chris is volunteering his time so we can have some cool fitness pictures done.  Email me if you're interested at the pictures will start at 1:30pm and will be done in 20-30 minute sections.  You can go to the Facebook invite too here:  Facebook Link

Each year we throw our own Competition in December(this year will be our 4th one on the 14th) called the Bellevue Interbay Throwdown that benefits Toys for Tots.  However if you don't want to wait that long, there is a fun competition coming up on September 20th called 5k Gone Bad on Mercer Island.  Now they have scaled divisions, Open, kids divisions and Rx so a little something for everyone.  You will run 3 miles and at a few stations along the way you will perform some CrossFit movements.  Here is the link if you're interested and talk to a coach if you're not sure but would like to.

Ok, I would definitely call this a good rep by Ian S.

Ok, I would definitely call this a good rep by Ian S.

Christine M.

Christine M.

5k Row/Run

3 sets of max strict pull-ups
3 sets of max strict ring dips
Rest 1 minute between sets

10 Minute AMRAP
20 Weighted Lunges (Rx 95/65, Mx 75/55, FB 115/75 & FB OH Lunges instead of Front Rack) (each leg = 1)
40 Wall Balls (20/14)


2nd Strength
Split Jerk

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