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Wednesday 1/21/15 "We have a Super Bowl Bet!!!!"

I'm re-posting this from the CFIB FaceBook and Instagram pages:

IT’S A BET!!!!!! I love Super Bowl time of year. Peter B., has a friend that runs a CrossFit gym in New Hampshire area called CrossFit Portsmouth (, of course they are hardcore Patriots fans(as well as Peter). So like last year when we DESTROMINATED (combination of dominate and destroy) the Broncos, CrossFit Surge did our 12th man WOD while listening to Seattle bands and wearing our colors. We are currently in negotiations with CrossFit Portsmouth with what to put on the line for this year’s Super Bowl. Ok ok ok ok what we are really negotiating is what are we comfortable with CrossFit Portsmouth doing after the Seahawks win back to back Super Bowls. Now I don’t have the emails right in front of me now but this is how the conversation is going between CrossFit Portsmouth and myself (or this is how it’s translating in my head)

CFIB: Hey I hear you want to place a wager on the Super Bowl this year, Seahawks vs. Patriots

CF Portsmouth: I don’t know, Seahawks are really awesome.

CFIB: True, they are awesome but we should still make a bet for fun.

CF Portsmouth: Can we get a significant point spread just like the 16 point lead and 4 interceptions you gave to the packers last weekend, will you do that again for us please please please, it’s the only way we will have a shot.

CFIB: Honestly I would like to do that for you but I’m not that close with the team. We should just put a bet on this, straight up with no advantage.

CF Portsmouth: I don’t know, that doesn’t seem fair to us because your Seahawks are absolutely amazing. They should rename this game the Seattle Seahawks bowl, not the Super Bowl. But sure, let’s make a bet.

CFIB: Awesome, game on.

I’m pretty sure that is how the email exchange went. So start brain storming on things we should put on the line. So far it’s been thrown out do the other gyms WOD, wearing the other gyms t-shirt while doing it……

Back Squat
7 sets of 3 reps @ 85-90% 1RM

15 Minute AMRAP
20 Burpees
40 Lunges (each leg = 1)
60 Double Unders

I will just say that 1:03 of this video is my life.

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