Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 1/22/15

Austin dialing in his split jerk

16 Minute EMOM
1st Minute
3-5 Muscle Ups or 5-10 Ring Dips (coaches will help you determine reps)
Opposite Minute
1 Clean & Jerk 80-90+% your 1RM)
*Record your reps of each and weight on c&j on the White Board

1 time through(Yes one round, for those of you who said I never program 1 round.  Well here you go)
Wall Balls (20/14) (Mx 75 Wall Balls, Rx 100 Wall Balls, FB 150 Wall Balls)
50 Push Press (Mx & Rx 75/55, FB 95/65)
**12 Minute Time Cap

Since I posted that Maroon 5 Video last week, I've watched it 34598345735893475389574389 times and I need to refresh my musical tastes, so I'm posting some old classics that will put a smile on my face :-)

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