Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 1/29/15

Remember we will be doing our 12th Man WOD on Friday.  Come dressed in your teams colors and there may be a prize for whoever shows the most team spirit.  The WOD will have some very important people in it.  12th Man, Sherman, Beast Mode, Wilson, Chancellor and Kearse.....How it plays out, we will see on Friday.

This will be the final 12th Man run of the year for Holly.  For those that don't know, Holly runs 12 miles every Seahawks game whether they are away or home.  She has been doing it for years and loves it when people join her.  You don't have to run the whole 12 miles, just run a mile or two or cheer her on when you see her on the side of the road.

From Holly:
I will be starting at 9am for the 12th man run this Sunday. I would love for as many folks to join me as possible. Young, middle, old, older..everyone! If running is out of the question than even a short walk, this will be a fun pace run so everyone can join. The route will change a little from last post season.  The route will start from my street on 33rd and Government down to Emerson. east on Emerson past CrossFit Interbay and fisherman's terminal to the Ballard bridge. head north on the bridge up 15th to 85th. East on 85th to the Greenwood Fred Meyer, maybe run in there and cause a ruckus than back the way we came so west on 85th than south on 15th. South over the Ballard bridge and continue south on 15th to Denny by Soul Fitness. Once at Denny we would turn around and head north on 15th to Dravus and head west on Dravus then north on Gillman to when it turn into government and back to 33rd ave W. this is more than 12 miles but I want to create a long stretch that many people can join in at any time. No need to run all the miles with me but feel free! apparently someone called Q13 fox and they might show up and that makes me nervous.

p.s. I have given away most of my flags so if anyone has one and a pole bring it!

Here is a link to the story the Seahawks ran on Holly last year:  Holly Diop 12th Man Run

Holly 12th Man run

Holly 12th Man run

Robert and crew on last years Super Bowl 12th Man run

Robert and crew on last years Super Bowl 12th Man run

5 Minute EMOM
Tempo Ring Dips
1-5 reps each minute 30x0 which means I want you to go down in the dip for a count of 3, then when you reach the bottom push up at normal speed.  Work the negative

5 Minute EMOM
Tempo Push-Ups
3-10 Reps  30x0

3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Sit Ups
50 Super Mans

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