Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/10/15

First, we will have a regular schedule on Veterans Day.

Second, This Sunday is the first of the extra training classes.  Sunday from 9-11am is the extra training class to get ready for the 2016 CrossFit Open. Last year we had a lot of fun.  This year there will be a lot more competitors than last plus they are having a regular Open Division and a Scaled Division.  In the open you get to compare your scores vs. thousands of CrossFitters from around the world.  For more information regarding cost for this special session and getting signed up, contact  The class will be coached by Ron......and let's be honest, who doesn't want more face time with me :-) ok ok ok please sign up anyway, it will be a lot of fun, some good skill work and great WODs.

1 Mile Run

3 Rounds
3 Minute AMRAP
6 Push-Press (Mx 95/65, Rx 115/75, Rx+135/95, FB 165/110)
6 Toes to Bar
1 Minute Rest

For the workout we are going to perform 3 sets of 3 minute AMRAPs consisting of the couplet of push-press and toes 2 bar.  The rep scheme in the amrap is set very low so the goal is to cycle through each movement as fast as possible.  The purpose is to maximize the amount of rounds.  After each round, rest for 1 minute.

Awwww the modern Fairy Tale

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