Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 12/31/15 New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve so we have a modified schedule today, we will have a regular schedule with our last class being the 4pm class.

Then for New Years Day, we will have one class at 9am, coached by the least hung over coach :) kidding kidding.(I'm coaching the 9am)  We will have a 9am class but none of the coaches will drink that much, all the CrossFit Interbay Coaches and members are responsible people that will only drink coconut water while eating paleo treats during their New Years Eve celebration.  

5 sets of 5 Reps Strict Pull-Ups (use the smallest band or add weight so the last rep of each set is challenging bordering on failure)

Teams of 2
20 Minute AMRAP
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 Push Press (115/75)
200m Run (run together)
*For the movements one person works and one person rests.  Your team must do all 30 box jumps before moving on to the 20 Push Press then the 200m Run.  The two members of the team must run 200m together.

Ok the screen shot of the video looks super inappropriate but it's really funny.  I assume whoever uploaded this video used that as the screen shot to get all the guys to click on it.  Trust me it's funny.

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