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Monday 12/7/15 "12 Days of Christmas Challenge"

Coach Beth came up with this fun idea for the gym.  The winner gets to name our 125 KB and receive CFIB goodies :-) Here are the rules:

12 days of Christmas Challenged.
Starting today and ends 12/23
Winner names the 125# KB, receive CFIB goodies and bragging rights


Challenges are a combination of fitness and Holiday cheer. All challenges outside of the gym require video or photo proof. Only one challenge can be completed per day. Bonus challenges can be doubled up. Points are awarded for completion of challenges. The person with the most points wins. In the event of a tie and Beth will determine a tie breaker.

1.       In gym: Row 3k while wearing a Santa hat. Photo proof required

2.       In gym: Do 500 DU while listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas album. Video clip needed. (please use headphones)

3.       Hunt: hang an ornament on any tree in a park then get a photo doing a handstand against the tree. Photo proof required

4.       Do 100 ft of sled drag and 100 ft sled push at approximately 50% of body weight with a Christmas hat on, photo proof required.

5.       Hunt: get a picture with Santa- you must be holding in the bottom of a squat. Obviously photo proof required.

6.       Complete 150 KBS while wearing a Christmas sweater or some paraphernalia. Photo or video clip required

7.       50 cal on the air dyne unbroken, Christmas hat required and photo/video proof.

8.       5000/3000lb Shoulder to Overhead – can be completed in the gym or out of the gym using conventional barbells or your pet. Be creative.  If done outside of the gym, video proof required

9.       Hunt: do 10 burpees in the snow. Video proof required

10.   3 minutes of cumulative plank hold & 1 min cumulative L sit hold – can be done on your equipment of choice, holiday cheer must be showing in a video or picture.

11.   300 air squats while wearing christmas clothing, shirt, hat sweater, socks whatever, photo/video proof required.

12.   Hunt: order a Christmas flavored coffee drink at a Starbucks. You must do lunges instead of walking from the start of the doorway all through the line, collecting your drink and leaving. Video proof required.

Bonus points:

1.       Attending, participating or volunteering at Toys for Tots Throwdown December 13th.

2.       Watching any Christmas movie during 12.10-12.23. And before you ask, yes, the Die Hard movies count. You are welcome.

3.       Getting video proof doing 5 burpees in a downtown store Christmas display

cfib holiday picture.jpg

5 sets of 3 reps 1 1/4 Front Squat

This is a tool for developing strength in the bottom of your Olympic Lifts and utilizing that “bounce” off of your hamstrings.  This is an advanced version of the basic Front Squat.

Safety Tips:  This can cause stress on the knees, so make sure you warmup thoroughly before loading to to heavy weight and read the Scaling suggestions below!

Scaling Suggestions:
Always scale the weight and feel free to perform standard Front Squats to learn proper position

No Front Rack – use the High Bar Back Squat position or substitute Dumbbells for the barbell

Lacking Depth – perform Pause Front Squats with NO Bounce and perfect form (and work on your mobility!)

Power Cleans (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95, Rx+ 155/105, FB 185/115+)
Shoulder to Overhead (Same Weight as your Power Cleans)

Do you think when Monmouth recruits for the basketball team they have two things they are looking for, 1) Basketball Skill and 2) Are you funny enough to ride our bench.

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