Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 2/11/15

The sooner you register for the Open, the sooner CrossFit Interbay can establish the intramural teams.  So stop procrastinating and get to it :-)

Again, here's all you need to do:

1. Get your credit card, you'll need $20.
2. Go here:
3. Click top, right hand corner. It's red. It says "Sign in"
4. Create your account. You can make up your stats, Have fun with it.
5. Pay them.
6. Select CrossFit Interbay as your affiliate

So what did you do with your Burpee Certificate?  I really like what Robin did with his..........So Nicole B., I already see your name registered for the am class Wednesday, don't forget your extra burpees :-) and congratulations on winning the CFIB Pick 'em League.

Good thing I remember who won the league :-)

Good thing I remember who won the league :-)

Strict Shoulder Press
10-10-10 @55-65% 1RM

20 Minute AMRAP
Max Rep Pull-Ups (FB Chest to Bar) (Don't tear, protect your hands and train smart)
Max Double Unders
400m Run
*You will get two scores for this WOD.  1st score will be your grand total pull-ups and your 2nd score will be grand total double unders.
**If you start a 400m run before the end of 20 minutes, say at 19:45.....finish the whole 400m run.

The Super Bowl was sad enough, this would have made it much much worse........and more interesting :-)

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