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Wednesday 2/18/15 "Why should we do the Open and the NE Patriots Punishment/Celebration WOD"

I'm reposting this from the CFIB page earlier today:

Ok, you hear us talking about the CrossFit Open and the fun intramural twist we plan on hosting this year. I am going to break down some numbers. We are a smaller gym for our region however, in 2014 we had such a high percentage of members register for the Open that we wound up registering the most out of any other gym in our region. . . yes number 1! In 2015, there are over 500 gyms in our region and yet we are tied for 2nd most members in our region, and we are tied for 1st in Washington State. This just shows how tight and great our community is and how much fun this year's Open can and will be. Now, we aren't pushing the Open because we get compensated for it, because we don't. The reason Erin and I encourage everyone to participate is because of how it promotes talk and togetherness, a change from the routine, for some it changes intensity, for some competition without leaving the comfort of their own gym, and for some self satisfaction of setting or achieving personal fitness goals.

One common mistake that people believe is the Open has to be first and foremost about competing. I am here to tell you, to convince you, to assure you, that is not the case. For some, yes the Open is the start of their competitive season but that doesn't mean that everyone can't participate. Example - how many people have registered for a 5k not with the intention of winning or being competitive but because they wanted the challenge, the goal and to say completed a 5k, to give them something to train for, to see if they could do it, or better yet because a friend wanted someone to do it with them. The Open is our equivalent of that 5k. Everyone can do it and it doesn't have to be about competition but about being part of something special for one reason or another.

Were you one of the members that didn't register last year? You probably talked more about the Open than those that registered because everyone asked you over and over, why didn't you sign up? And you probably got sick of answering that question and wish you just signed up in the first place....So even if you don't want to do it maybe you'll reconsider because your friends that are doing it will want something to talk with you about, to do it together with you. So let's get these numbers up; I know a lot of you already said you plan on doing it, now just stop procrastinating and register
The Seahawks lost and it pains me to post these pictures, but a bet is a bet.

I apologize the CrossFit Portsmouth and New England Patriots victory WOD took so long to post but in all honesty......I never received it in time from their gym.  They were unprepared because they never thought the Patriots had a chance at winning.

Well the sun did shine on the Patriots A$$ in Super Bowl 49, so a bet is a bet and today we will do their victory WOD.

So if you have New England Patriots gear, feel free to wear it and don't worry to all our die hard Seahawks Fans, let's get pumped for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Victory WOD:
4 Rounds to represent the Four Super Bowl Victories with Belichick and Brady.
12 Tom Brady (Greatest QB of all time) OH Lunges (w/Med ball 20/14, do each leg 12 reps per round)
87 Rob Gronkowski Double Unders
Then cash out with something that sucks the air right out of you and is borderline soul crushing just like the interception that actually happened to finish the game.
21 Malcolm Butler Deadlifts (Mx 185/135, Rx 225/155, FB 315/205)
*25 Minute Time Cap and scale accordingly.

"A person that's not physically fit is not going to be able to have a full week of snowboarding. ... These mountains are so long and you kind of experience this burning in your legs that's like no other."

—Myles Lewis—owner of CrossFit Avalanche in Tahoe Vista, California—on his snowboarding experience in Alaska

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