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Wednesday 3/18/15 "More love is in the air, a poem and Intramural team point updates"

That's right, there is more love in the air.  Congratulations to Julia and Todd, they were engaged this past weekend. 

You're two wonderful people who make a great couple! Wishing you all the best with the lead-up to the wedding and for the future. Lots of love

Other announcements.  Here is the updated score for the CFIB Intramural CrossFit Open.  More scores will be coming in as I continue to receive videos from teams by Wednesday 3/18/2015.

Here are the bonus points for the top 3 men and top 3 women for 15.3.

Top 3 scores for 15.2
Megan with Team Please Don't Feed the Wildlife
Valery with Val-Acondas
Christine with The Deadliest Snatch

Tanner with Team Black Eyed T's
Shea with Team Deadliest Snatch
DK with Team Red WOD and Blue

Congrats, you each earned an extra point for your team.

Now for the very important, most team spirit for the goes to Team "Will WOD for Wine", they were in every class wearing super hero outfits, cheering crazy, taking a ton of pics and having a good time.  Way to go and great spirit this week.  You earned 5 more points for your team.

Here are the totals for each team after 3 weeks, updated as of 3pm Tuesday:

30 Points  7 Snatches & 1 Jerk (Taryns Team)
39 Points  Deadliest Snatch (Shea's Team)
17 Points Snow Ginger and the Seven WODwarfs (Geoff's Team)
32 Points  #2015IntramuralChamps#Suckitronwewin (James Team)
23 Points  Red WOD and Blue (Joey's Team)
17 Points  Do you want to build a Swoleman (Lance's Team)
32 Points  Flex Appeal (Jake's Team)
26 Points  I'm all outta Bubblegum (Nicole S. Team)
29 Points  Will WOD for Wine (Beth's Team)
20 Points  Black Eyed T's (Travis's TEam)
33 Points  Rack Pack (Ron's Team)
22 Points  Rockout with my Chalk Out (Erin's Team)
38 Points  Please Don't Feed the Wildlife (Shogun's Team)
20 Points  Val-Acondas (Valery's Team)
The following blog post/poem is from Robin with team "Rock Out with your Chalk Out"

We are Team Rock Out with Your Chalk Out.
Ready for a CrossFit intramural bout.
Other teams like Jerks and Snatches,
Will never be able to catch us,
'Cause what we lack in muscle ups we make up in shouts!

Let me introduce you to Erin, our fearless leader.
She hates Fran, but really, who can blame her?
Originally from Alaska,
She'll take you to task-a,
And turn you into a firebreather.

There's Beth for whom CrossFit's a family affair.
With her boys and her hubby, she does WODs like a bear.
She does burpees with impunity,
And loves the CFIB community,
This hockey player's got a great deal of flair!

Next there's Emily, our teammate from Jersey.
Who's a badass at bruising roller derby.
CrossFit hero: Akinwale.
She's fitter than a tamale (you try rhyming something with Akinwale?!)
That right, she'll put you in a world of hurt -  whee.

And how about Tina, who loves a good joke.
Any WOD with deadlifts leave her stoked.
A native of Tacoma,
Where they've got that aroma (look it up on Wikipedia...)
She's the only one who loves Fran - yo!

We've got Jim who works in academia.
At 7 a.m. he's quite entertaining and zany...uh.
He loves doing WODs to Kesha,
And thinks wallballs are pisser (said with a Boston accent)
Trust me, you want in on his kind of mania.

And meet Richard who's soon on sabbatical
To do something amazing and radical.
Train five times a day?
To make it to the Games?
Now that would be nuts and fanatical.

Now Al is our Canadian master.
He CrossFits and plays over 40 indoor soccer.
Nary a rude thing to say,
But thinks Simon, Kevin and Jim are weird dudes, eh....
Every day he's getting fitter and faster.

And there's me, the author and scribe.
Writing these mad rhymes for our a-mazing tribe.
I may not be Dre,
Or Camille Bazinet,
But I'll do WODs 'til pigs learn to fly.

So that's it.  That's us in a nutshell.
'Cept Tim who's traveling and couldn't get me his profile.
We came to take names,
That's right, we've got game,
We're giving this intramural comp hell!

- Robin
Team Rock Out with You Chalk Out
5 sets of 3 reps Weighted Ring Dips
Tabata Push-Ups

8 Minutes increasing Clean & Jerks
1 Clean & Jerk (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95, FB 165/115)
5 Pull-ups
2 Clean & Jerks
5 Pull-Ups
3 Clean & Jerks
5 Pull-Ups
4 Clean & Jerks
5 Pull-Ups
With all the love in the air recently, I had to post this song.

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