Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/4/15

I know you've been waiting for 2 things.  First, who won the week 1 most spirit award and Second, the overall point scores.

It was a tough decision but after the judges got together, the most spirit bonus points for week one goes to Team Flex Appeal.  They were the loudest, most outrageous, got everyone together for their team photo with no photo shop, had t-shirts made up, were in wigs and matching everything in life, quality is in the details. 

Way to go Team Flex Appeal and you guys receive 5 additional points.

Below are the grand total points after the Week 1 of the 2015 CFIB Intramural Open

8 Points:   7 Snatches & 1 Jerk (Taryn's Team)      
13 Points:  Deadliest Snatch (Shea's Team)      
7 Points:   Snow Ginger and the Seven WODwarfs (Geoff's Team) 
9 Points:   #2015IntramuralChamps#Suckitronwewin (James Team) 
11 Points:   Red WOD and Blue (Joey's Team)         
12 Points:  Do you want to build a Swoleman (Lance's Team)   
12 Points:  Flex Appeal (Jake's Team)            
7 Points:   I'm all outta Bubblegum (Nicole S. Team)        
7 Points:   Will WOD for Wine (Beth's Team)       
8 Points:   Black Eyed T's (Travis's Team)          
13 Points:  The Rack Pack (Ron's Team)          
7 Points:   Rockout with my Chalk Out (Erin's Team)             
9 Points:   Please Don't Feed the Wildlife (Shogun's Team)            
9 Points:   Val-Acondas (Valery's Team)                         

Rae doing 15.1 on Team Flex Appeal

Rae doing 15.1 on Team Flex Appeal

7 Sets of 4 Reps @ 80-80% 1RM

Power Clean (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95, FB 165/115)
Box Jumps (Mx/Rx 24/20, FB 30/24)
*10 Minute Time Cap
**Go in 2 heats if it's a busy class since we are pulling out a lot of gear and boxes.

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