Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 5/22/15

We will have our regular classes on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday, Memorial Day, we will run one class at 9am to run Murph.  Have a fun and safe weekend.


Congratulations to Jeremy and Erika on the birth of their daughter Wilde Fay

Shoulder Press
Set 1 - 10 Reps @ 60% 1RM
Set 2 - 8 Reps @ 65%
Set 3 - 6 Reps @ 70%
Set 4 - 6 Reps @ 75%
Set 5 - 6 Reps @ 80%
Set 6 - 4 Reps @ 85%

5 Rounds
3 Front Squats (from the floor Mx 115/75, Rx 155/105, FB 185/125, Awesome Sauce 225/145+)
10 Ring Dips

We talk meal prep and eating clean all the time so I look for entertaining videos on the topic and ran across this.  Now this is the opposite of what you should do and has bad language so don't watch it at work, but it's pretty entertaining.  I always wondered how people in jail got so huge because you do need access to a lot of high protein meals.  I wonder how true this video is.

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