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Tuesday 5/5/15 "Guest blog post from Coach Marcos U."

Here is a guest post from Coach Marcos.:


It doesn’t look like Ron is going to bring it up, and since he’s not one to talk about himself, I thought I would drop a line and a call to action.

A few weekends ago he showed up and competed in a sanctioned USAW Weightlifting meet. This being his first meet, he would have been justified signing up for the Novice division. But why just ride dirt bikes when you can jump school buses? He signed himself up for the Open, where other USAW members in their skivvies (singlets) hang it on the line. Due to a previous commitment, he had no time to warm up for his first lifts. Most competitors will take up to an hour to work up to their opening attempt. Couple that with the fact that Ron can't even speak in kilograms, and things were looking less than ideal. Oh well, load up 200+ lbs and give the snatch a try. [Note: I'm not even going to mention the part out where he weighed in 0.5 lbs overweight]. Ron competed in a new sport and here’s why you should too:

·         Increased focus on training. Your workouts go from 'exercise' to 'training'. Depending on what a competition demands additional work may be required. Whether it's building running volume for that half-marathon, or honing technique on the Olympic lifts, your training will have a higher purpose besides burning some excess calories for the weekend bender.

·         Hitting goals. Now that you're training with a purpose, you've set goals, benchmarks and/or milestones. Trying to make weight, tuning your diet for performance or recovery, keeping a 1:30 pace on your 400m splits. An impending competition drives the need. A deadline will keep you motivated and progressing.

·         Unexpected PRs. When combined with a dash of adrenaline, your training and preparation can lead to unexpected results. The pressure of competition can go both ways. You saw the PRs from the Crossfit Open. The same can happen on any given Saturday.

·         Camaraderie. Training for a competition or sport may force you in to new social circles. Embrace the community. They are passionate, just like you. Why else would they be there at 7 am on Saturday morning?

·         Because that's how CrossFit was originally designed to work. In Greg Glassman's original prose, Fitness in 100 Words, he stated "Regularly learn and play new sports." This idea sometimes gets lost in our current culture of CrossFit and the "Sport of Fitness". Athleticism isn't proven in the gym. It is laid out on the field. In its original incarnation, CrossFit wasn't about being a gym hero. It was about being good at a lot of things, especially new sports. Go old school.

·         For the experience. Everyone that shows up will leave with a sense of accomplishment. Not in the "everyone gets a trophy" way, but in the "we all busted our ass training" way. There is a sense of respect amongst competitors. It goes unsaid but it’s understood. There will also come a day when you can no longer do these things. Let’s not give ourselves something to regret.

·         Find out what you’re made of. Test your mettle. "How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" -Tyler Durden

·         Seeing seasoned athletes do their thing. At a recent meet, I got to see a young weightlifter, Ian Wilson, warm up right next to me. It wasn't too intimidating because that guy is circling another planet. He casually snatched 260 lbs just 10 feet from me, then took 20+lb jumps each warm up set. He would go on to snatch 361 lbs that day. It's hard to put in to words what it's like watching a freak doing their thing. Someone who's dedicated their lives to the sport is awe inspiring and shouldn’t be missed.

·         "I do it for the t-shirts" - Cindy Ubilla.

There are other reasons to throw your hat in the ring but the take away should be (to quote Ron) “to have fun.” Look for an event in the next 6 months and commit to it. Put the money down. Select your t-shirt size. And start preparing. I guarantee you will be glad you did.

One more thing to add, with the weights that Ron completed at the sanctioned event, it qualified him for the 2015 IWF Masters World Cup.

- Coach Marcos

Shoulder Press
Set 1 - 8 reps @ 60% 1RM
Set 2 - 8 reps @ 65% 1RM
Set 3 - 8 reps @ 70% 1RM
Set 4 - 8 reps @ 75% 1RM

Mx/Rx WOD:
Front Squats (Mx 75/65, Rx 115/85, Rx + 135/95 and Rx + can do 12-9-6 muscle ups instead of RD if they want)
Ring Dips

12-9-6 reps of:
Front Squats (165/110)

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