Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 6/19/15

A couple of things as we head into Friday and the weekend.

First remember, our bodies can handle WAY more than we usually ask of them but our self-image can use a little pampering.

And second, s harmful misconception about getting into shape is that looking better on the outside is the best and only part - IT'S NOT!!!  Of course getting fit and losing weight are important and huge motivators, but in my experience, mood and energy changes are the most immediate and gratifying part of getting into shape.  Being in shape helps you in every aspect of your life, it helps you sleep better, boosts your energy throughout the day and puts you in a better mood.  Endorphins are a beautiful thing :-)

Coach Beth with Coach Burgener

Coach Beth with Coach Burgener

1RM Front Squat

40 Box Jumps/Step Ups (24/20)
40 SDHP (75/55)
30 Box Jumps
20 Box Jumps
10 Box Jumps

This is impressive.  The video give us an inside look at how these teens going to the CrossFit Games compare to some top CrossFit Games veterans. 

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