Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 6/23/15

Set small, attainable goals you can reach along the way.

Even though you may have one main goal in mind for getting in shape, set smaller two to four week benchmark goals for yourself.

Find little ways to celebrate meeting your benchmarks on the way to achieving your main goal. Buy a new workout outfit, go dancing with friends, get a massage, etc. Don’t be shy about treating yourself for smaller victories

But have one goal that kind of terrifies you.

I think everyone should have a goal that slightly terrifies them. It sounds crazy, but if you pick something that is too easy it won’t change you. If you set your mind on something that is so big it will take something you have never done before to get there then THAT is something that will not only change you, but most likely inspire others as well.

These are the challenges where we can see how strong we are.

Kids camp going on this week.  Start them young

Kids camp going on this week.  Start them young

Establish a 1RM Snatch 

Snatch/Pull ladder
12 Snatches 2 Pull Ups (Mx Kipping, Rx C2B, FB Strict)
10 Snatches 4 Pull Ups
8 Snatches 6 Pull Ups
6 Snatches 8 Pull Ups
4 Snatches 10 Pull Ups
2 Snatches 12 Pull Ups

Snatches are (Mx 75/55, Rx 115/75, FB 135/95)  Snatches can be power or squat.
*15 Minute Time Cap

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