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Tuesday 7/21/15

We've been open almost 5 years and not one 45 pound rubber bumper plate has been broken, until now.  Congrats to Aaron V., not sure how you did it but for some reason a 45 pound broke while you were doing reverse bicep curls.  

Aaron sent me this sweet picture of him posing with the weight afterwards.  I don't know where to use this picture, should CrossFit Interbay make a MySpace account and use that as the profile picture or should we create a account and see how many dates we can get Aaron.  I'm sure there are a lot of women out there that would love a man that poses seductively with weights.

Speed, agility, and peak power are important attributes to develop if you want a well rounded athletic physique, to drop weight, increase muscle and improve your overall fitness.  How can we plug a bit more of this type of work into our WODs? There are many different possibilities, but one way is to break a workout such as the classic “Helen” into rounds done in interval fashion.

“Helen”, as the traditional benchmark WOD is three rounds for time of 400 meter run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pullups. You do this as fast as possible straight through without stopping. Under these circumstances though your runs will be anything but true 400m sprints. Full speed sprints need recovery time between efforts. One way to increase the peak power output of a workout such as this is you rest 2 minutes between each round. This will allow you to go all out on each round knowing that you will be getting some rest. The metabolic cost by the end is even higher than if you had done the workout straight through!  There is value in doing the traditional Helen but it’s good as an athlete and in fitness to change it up.

Our version here splits the workout into 5 rounds, with 2 minutes of rest between round. 

The rest period will allow you to put full speed into your runs and crank the other movements with max power output. This, like the other interval variant, delivers a potent metabolic wallop by the time you are done.  Or you can look at it this way “yay, Ron programmed rest”

Interval Super Helen
5 Rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings (Mx/Rx/RX+ 55/35, FB 70/45)
12 Pull-Ups (FB C2B)
*2 minutes self timed rest after each round
**Rx+ and FB must do all reps unbroken

Post WOD:
40sec on, 20sec rest of each:
Hollow rocks
Flutter kicks
Side plank right
Side plank left

CrossFit Games start this week!!!!

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