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Tuesday 7/28/15

Prep your meals ahead of time!!!!!  There is nothing worse than being hungry and there is nothing around for you to eat.  You will wind up falling off the wagon and eating junk.  Meal prep can be like a long drive without a radio…but get used to it. Put on your favorite tunes…news radio…whatever, but get used to it. It’s an investment, just like your retirement.  Pick a day, prepare meals and snacks for the week.

You have to wake up early to get ready for work, get the kids ready for school, figure out how to not make your 30-minute lunch seem like 5 min, and THEN you have to prepare dinner??? Life can be way too hectic. Meal Prepping is the solution! Preparing your meals for the week can eliminate stress, time, and helps you stick to your healthy eating habits!

1. You will need Tupperware or containers that can be easily transported.

Depending on how often you meal prep during the week and how much you prep will determine on how many you containers you will need. If you meal prep twice a week, then you can just wash and reuse Tupperware in the middle of the week. However, if you are meal prepping for the entire week, then you may need more. You get it.

2. Think about your goals and personal preferences.

Choose what meals you would like to prep. If you struggle with making time for breakfast and lunch, then those are the meals you should prep! If you struggle with all three meals and you know there is a chance you might slide through the drive-thru, then save yourself the time, money, and unnecessary calories and just meal prep.

3. Prepare your snacks as well.

Don’t even think about heading over to that vending machine! You’re in between meals and starting to get bored at work so you start thinking about going to buy a bag of chips. But no! If you have access to healthier options, you are more likely to eat those instead. So make sure you pack some healthy snacks that you enjoy such as carrots and hummus, celery and almond butter, grapes, or some nuts!

4. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to fix anything extravagant for your meals. But make sure that it’s something you might enjoy more than once. If you want to eat something different daily, then meal prep may not be the best option for you. But if you know that you can deal with eating chicken breast more than once a day or a few times a week, then go for it! Meal Prepping does not have to be hard. We want you to stay dedicated to your goals so we find meal prepping important.

Send me pictures of your meal prepping.  email to or text the picture to 206-399-5707

Send me pictures of your meal prepping.  email to or text the picture to 206-399-5707

Strength: Work the negative.  I want you to press out at regular speed and each rep the negative of the rep is a 3 second decent.
Shoulder Press
Set 1 – 5 Reps 75%
Set 2 – 3 Reps 85%
Set 3 – 3 Reps 85%
Set 4 – 2 Reps 85-90%
Set 5 – 2 Reps 85-90%

15 Minute AMRAP
100m Run
5 Pull-Ups (FB C2B)
15 Bent Over Rows (Mx 45/15, Rx 75/55, FB 95/65)

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