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Friday 8/14/15 Food Prep Friday with blog post from YoMo WOD Amanda S.

Guest Blog Post with Amanda Stoker:  Direct link to her blog and this post.  YoMO

Food Prep Friday!!!

Hey, YoMo WoD-ers!! Who gets excited about food prepping like I do? One day a week I book time out of my schedule to shop, chop and prep my meals for the week. I won’t be tempted to have a cheat meal when there is food in the fridge. 

This weeks meals are Breakfast Strata & Paleo Tex Mex Casserole.

I did my shopping today at Whole Foods and $76 later I returned home with my loot. The trick to Whole Foods not turning into Whole Paycheck is to start with a budget (mine was $100), make a list and write the prices down as you shop, and most importantly absolutely avoid the isles with all the essential oils, supplements & skin care products. I can get lost in there and then next thing I know, I am walking out with body wash, bath salts, massage oil and the cute sales clerk with dreadlocks and a man bun. Don’t go there, girl! Stay on task. 

Once home, I put on my favorite podcast “Meditation in the City” and start chopping! These veggies don’t cube themselves! Wielding my butcher knife, I go to town on some unsuspecting sweet potatoes while peacin out to some Buddhist telling me about how not to loose my freakin mind while living in this impermanent existence. 

Sweet potatoes are coated with coconut oil and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Bacon is cubed and cooked with a chopped onion. Mmmmmmm bacon. 

Oh ya, it’s like 90 degrees in my apartment. My roommate is going to love me when she comes home to a bacon sauna.  So good for the pores. 

Positive: (cause that’s what I always try to see) The coconut oil is already liquefied. 

Alrighty then (Ace Ventura voice), once the potatoes and bacon are done, it’s time to layer up the strata! I like to be creative with my breakfast dish. I start with a bed of cooked sweet potatoes at the bottom of a lubed up 9x13 pan; stack it up with bacon, blanched asparagus, roasted red peppers, repeat. You can get crazy with your strata, using any meat/veggie combo you like. There are no rules here.  Next, I whisk (that’s whhhhisk) together 20 eggs (Don’t do all 24. I tried that once and eggs overflowed onto the bottom of the oven and I almost set my apartment on fire.), ¼th cup water, sprinkle in salt & pepa (Shoop!) and pour it over my bacon stack. In the oven it goes for 60 minutes at 350. 

While baking, (hey now, not that kind) I cook the veggies & meat for my Tex Mex Casserole then, stroll outside to cool off and stare at the crazy beautiful blue moon! 

Once both dishes are out of the oven,  I portion everything out so that I can grab and go during my week. 

While this process takes about 4 hours start to finish (including shopping and distraction time), it is totally worth it to not have to worry during my busy week. I will have delicious, nutritious food infused with love ready for me each morning. 

Love yourself by making conscious choices about what you put in your body. The physical body may be temporary but you want it to last your lifetime, looking as sexy as possible! Be your best self and live your best life.  You are awesome! Om

Core Challenge, not for time and not in any particular order.  Just get the work done.
40 Hollow Body Rocks
40 Toes to Bar
40 V-Ups
40 Supermans
1 Minute Plank hold from elbows
1 Minute Plank Hold push-up position
1 Minute Plank Hold on your right side
1 Minute Plank Hold on your left side

10 Minute AMRAP
2 Power Snatch (Mx 75/55, Rx 115/75, FB 135/95)
2 OH Squats (Same bar as Power Snatch)
2 Weighted Lunges w/KB (55/35, each leg = 1)
4 Power Snatch
4 OH Squats
4 Weighted Lunges w/KB
6 Power Snatch
6 OH Squats
6 Weighted Lunges w/KB
and so on, adding 2 reps after each cycle.  Your final score is the round you completed if you did all the rounds of 6 and mid way through the 8's your score is 6 + 14.

Holy cow, it's finally happening.  FIELD TRIP!!!! The next question is, do I wear a Zoolander costume to the opening weekend of this movie.

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