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Friday 8/21/15

We need to always discuss this because it should be something you’re always thinking about.  No matter how hard you work out, if you are not eating properly then you will never see the results you truly desire.  I’m not saying you won’t see any results but if you want significant weight loss and adjustments to how you look, you won't earn that by only working out.  You need to take your nutrition and eating clean serious.  Remember “Diet and Exercise” go hand in hand.

When transitioning from a typical American diet to a healthy diet, which should never be mistaken for the same thing, I first recommend you transition to eating only quality foods that our bodies are made to eat. This is the tough part for most people because it involves eliminating (or at least drastically reducing) grains, bread, and other refined and processed carbohydrates. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. You’ll often see this referred to as eating “clean” or eating “Paleo.” Eating Paleo technically means you follow the Paleo diet, which eschews legumes, dairy, grains, and salt completely. We don’t recommend you worry about completely eliminating all of those foods at first, but you’ll need to know the terminology. 

I know many of us have kids and you wonder….what about my kids?

Feed them the same quality foods, but don’t worry about regimenting total volume of food for a growing child. Just make sure they eat real food and get some protein, fat, and quality carbs (fruits and vegetables) at every meal. If you think they’ll protest when you serve them grilled chicken and vegetables rather than chicken McNuggets and macaroni and cheese, then we suggest you be a leader and stand your ground on what’s best for your child–not what satiates their desire or temper tantrum at that moment. Sometimes being a leader is tough. I promise, they’ll eventually get hungry enough to eat what you serve. I’ve personally fed an infant grass fed ground beef and strawberries, and all he had to say was “Mmmmm!” Gerber wasn’t around 100 years ago, but humans were, and somehow we survived.

10 Minute EMOM
5 Ring Dips, Weighted Ring dips or most challenging scale for your ability. 


10 Minute EMOM
2-5 Muscle Ups

30 Pull-ups
5 Rounds
5 Power Clean (Mx 95/65, Rx 135/95, Rx+ 155/105, FB 185+/125+)
25/12 Push-Ups
30 Pull-Ups

Again this has nothing to do with CrossFit but I think I should teach a lesson to the men out there that may not already know “Proper Public Men's Room Etiquette”.  Yes I’m going off on this rant because I was downtown today using a urinal where 5 were lined up side by side and there was nobody standing next to me and instead of the guy choosing the one furthest away, he chose the one right next to me then started talking about the Seahawks. 

Here are some basic men's bathroom manners and a video lesson

1.       Thou shall leave at least……at least…….one urinal between the neighbor and yourself.

2.       Thou shall keep your head in a locked position, focused intently on the wall in front of yourself or the ground below. (Thank you to bathrooms that put newspapers for you to read above the urinal)

3.       Thou shall not engage in verbal communication with thy neighbor……..EVER!

4.       Thou shall not drop your pants all the way to the ground when using the urinal, (yes I saw an adult do this once).

That should help you for now.  Here is a good instructional video that should help too, when did they stop showing this in school?

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