Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 1/11/15

After watching the Seahawks play yesterday in below zero temperatures and we are in the middle of our “chilly” season, I’d like to address the issue of being properly warmed up for the training sessions here at CrossFit Interbay

The Purpose of a Warm-up

  • Increase blood-flow to muscles
  • Prime the cardiovascular system
  • Elevate your core temperature
  • Loosen/lengthen tissues
  • Take the joints through a full range of motion

You can also use this time to mentally prepare yourself for the work ahead by refining specific movement patterns (skill work) and working proper mechanics of the more complex movements.

How do we accomplish this?

A good warm-up will first be dependent on the workout we are going to perform.  Typically, we will start with some form of monostructural work like running, rowing, biking, or jump rope, although we’ve been known to also hit up light calisthenics here as well – jumping jacks, walking lunges, etc.  These movements typically increase blood flow, elevate core temps, and increase respiratory rates.

Afterwards, we start to look at mobility drills.  We do this AFTER the muscles have been loosened a little!  We want tissues to respond favorably to mobility work and we fine they do so after a little work.  This also gets the joints to move through a full range of motion.

We will end the warm-up session by taking the body through movement specific drills – usually ones that compliment what is being performed in the workout.  If we are doing overhead work, we might do some light shoulder presses or ring rows to prime for correct activation.  If we have sprints coming up, we may do some footwork drills to make sure the nervous system is ready.

How should I feel at the end of a warm-up?

At this point, we may move directly into the workout or perform more skill work that focuses on some of the movements in the WOD.  Regardless, in this stage your joints and muscles should be warm and have experienced a light burn, you should have broken a sweat, and should feel very awake!

But here’s the thing:  Everyone is different.  Personally, I take a LONG time to get warmed up properly (I'm old and my body is broken).  Some people only need 5 minutes.  If you continually feel like you need MORE warm-up time or more mobility time than what the class instruction is providing then PLEASE get here earlier to start ahead of the class.

A proper warm-up can be the difference between a PR and “just another training session”.  It can also be the difference between getting injured or being able to train tomorrow.

I think coach Valery has hit more PR's after a WOD than during the strength time.  This could have something to do with the fact she chats the majority of the warm up and by time she's done with the WOD her body and mind are psyched, warm and ready for big weights.

Strength:  Work Heavy Single Rep Cleans 15-20 Minutes

7 Clean & Jerks (Rx Men is 100% Bodyweight/ Women Rx is 80% Bodyweight, scale as needed write your weights used on the board.  You don't have to tell us what your body weight is :-)
50/35 Push Ups
5 Clean & Jerks
75 Sit-Ups
3 Clean & Jerks
100 Air Squats
1 Clean & Jerks

It's her own fault for wearing that jersey in the first place :-)

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