Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 1/21/2016

For Strength today we are going to do an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

Why do EMOMs?

  1. Time efficient
  2. Increased volume
  3. Cardiovascular element
  4. Skill/technique practice

Time Efficient

Get more done faster!  EMOMs are a great way to get your weightlifting work done in a relatively small amount of time. Because you’re up against the clock you won’t have time to go sit down and recover completely between sets.  You HAVE to keep working.  Without the time constraints of an EMOM it might take an athlete twice as long to complete the same exact work.  You get all of the benefits of a non-timed weightlifting session in half the time!

If we’re looking at the sample workout above, successful completion of the EMOM means an athlete will finish 30 heavy clean & jerks in 15 minutes.  This is a far cry from a the amount of time it would take most athletes to get through 15 sets of 2 reps (the exact same work as the EMOM) without a time constraint.  If experience has shown us anything, it’s that if we give an athlete the opportunity to rest, THEY’LL REST!  EMOMs can be a busy person’s best friend.

Increased Volume

Weightlifting EMOMs are also a great way to get a ton of work done.  Because the weights are on the heavier side, and the reps are usually kept fairly low, athletes will get a fair amount of built-in rest.  The rest, though not very long, will help to keep the body relatively fresh, thus allowing athletes to recover just enough from minute to minute.  This is in stark contrast to a typical metcon where constant activity is the goal.  Because athletes can remain relatively fresh throughout, athletes will be able to lift heavier weights longer.

Cardiovascular Element

Kill two birds with one stone!  Yes, you have rest, but, because you have to perform work every minute, gone are the days of sitting down and resting for 5 minutes between each set.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that style session, but EMOMs are far greater suited to the type of fitness we are pursuing as CrossFitters.  During most WODs you must be able to move heavy loads, quickly while dead tired.  EMOMs mimic that same stimulus over long periods of time. If you aren’t flat on your back, huffing and puffing, after a snatch or clean & jerk EMOM it’s because you aren’t going hard enough.

Skill/Technique Practice

EMOMs are great ways to learn and practice advanced skills and techniques too.  Not sure about how to get better at something?  Put it in an EMOM.  It’s a great way to get through the necessary reps without completely taxing the body.  The rest periods will help to keep you fresh enough to ensure that proper technique and form are adhered to for a majority of the workout.  Snatches, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups all work great within the EMOM format.

There’s more to an EMOM than meets the eye.  The next time you perform an EMOM at CrossFit Interbay stop to think about, and appreciate, the different ways the workout style is helping to make you better.

Two 20 Minute EMOM's

20 Minute EMOM 1:
1st Minute
Box Jumps/Step Ups (24/20, Mx 8, Rx 10, Rx+ 12, FB 12+ Must be box jumps)
Opposite Minute
(Mx 10 V-Ups, Rx 12 V-Ups, Rx+ 10 Knees to Elbow, FB 12+ Toes to Bar)

Rest 2-3 minutes for transition

20 Minute EMOM 2:
1 Minute Max Effort Row for distance (record your max distance over the 10 completed sets)
Opposite Minute Rest (you will row 10 times)

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