Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 1/5/16

One of the most important things with our gym, is our community.  CrossFit Interbay has a strong fun community where we get fit, stronger, and more confident while having a great time training with friends.  To keep this going we need to make sure we welcome in the new people the same way you were welcomed in when you first started.  PLEASE make it a point to introduce yourself to the new people in your class, if you haven’t already, and say hi to someone you may not know that well.

We have an AWESOME support system at CrossFit Interbay and this will only continue to be great if the people in it (i.e. YOU) are willing to step outside of your comfort zone in this “social setting” and befriend the new people!

Remember when you first started after the Fundamentals Classes?  It’s like stepping into a new world!  These people are freakin’ out!  They’re nervous about their abilities moving into the regular classes and questioning their strength & skills.  You were once one of these people…

So the point is, make new friends and cheer on the newbies. If you don't, rest assured you will be given burpees :-)

Shoulder Press
Set 1 - 5 Reps @ 75-80% 1RM
Set 2 - 3 Reps @ 85-90% 1RM
Set 3 - 3 Reps @ 85-90% 1RM
Set 4 - 2 Reps @ 90+% 1RM
Set 5 - 2 Reps @ 90+% 1RM
Set 6 - 1 Rep @ 95+% 1RM
Set 7 - 1 Reps @ 95+% 1RM
Set 8 - 1 Reps @ 95+% 1RM

2 Rounds
20 Pull-Ups (or 10/5 Muscle Ups)
25/15 Push-Ups
10 Power Clean (Mx 115/75, Rx 138/95, 155/105, FB 185/125)

If you haven't heard yet, Coach Shea will be going back into the military.  He was in the Marine Corps and is choosing to go back into active duty with the U.S. Army.  We will be having a party for him before he leaves, we aren't sure of the exact date yet but it will be coming up soon.  In the mean time, Coach Shea did as if we could play more country music during classes and he sent me this video of his favorite country song.  Coach Shea said this song gets him super pumped up and he even has the shorts the guy has in the video.

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