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Wednesday 10/12/16


Nutrition plays a huge role when it comes to achieving your healthy lifestyle. Results will be achieved with proper guidance and real life solutions. We take a holistic approach to nutrition while stressing the importance of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. It is not just about calories in and calories out.  Small nutritional changes can lead to large lifestyle changes.

Nutritional habits to work on:

• Proportion size: If you never weighed your food, you should. Chances are you are eating too much. See for starting portion size.

• Eliminate bread and/or pasta

• Cut down or eliminate soda and fruit drinks

• Decrease your sugar intake

• Stop binge eating before bedtime

• Increase your water intake to 96oz daily

• Eliminate or lessen Gluten or dairy

Paleo Basics

Remember that changing your diet is a challenging process so this list provides a starting point and a direction in which to progress. Go as far down this list as far as you can. The further along the list you go, the healthier you will be. There is no counting, measuring, or weighing. You are not required to purchase anything specific. There are no special supplements, drugs or testing required.

1. Eliminate sugar including sports drinks and fruit juices.

2. Start eating healthy fats. Avocados, nuts and seeds, and healthy animal fats should all be staples of your diet.

3. Base every meal or snack around a quality source of protein, with varying vegetables and seasonal fruit on the side.

4. Eliminate gluten grains and anything with flour. Limit grains like corn and rice, which are nutritionally poor.

5. Eliminate grain and seed derived oils. Cook with butter, Ghee, coconut oil, or animal fats. Use olive oil cold or at room temperature.

6. Choose meats such as beef, turkey, bison and lamb. Eat eggs and wild caught fish. Vary what you eat but try to avoid factory farmed and feedlot animals which are unhealthy and have poor omega.

7. Try varying your eating like we vary our workouts. Don’t graze like an herbivore through the day but instead imagine yourself a hunter gatherer. Eat different foods, vary when you eat and how much you eat. Schedules are nice but change things up occasionally.

8. Learn Post WOD meal timing. Eat within 30-60 min following exercise.

9. Most modern fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Go easy on apples, bananas, and dried fruit. Stick with berries and other seasonal fruit. Eat in moderation.

10. Eliminate legumes

11. Eliminate all remaining dairy including cheese

Prep your meals ahead of time!!!!!  There is nothing worse than being hungry and there is nothing around for you to eat.  You will wind up falling off the wagon and eating junk.  Meal prep can be like a long drive without a radio…but get used to it. Put on your favorite tunes…news radio…whatever, but get used to it. It’s an investment, just like your retirement.  Pick a day, prepare meals and snacks for the week.

Tiffany and Brad dropped in at Crossfit Steadfast in Savannah which is Mary's old gym

Tiffany and Brad dropped in at Crossfit Steadfast in Savannah which is Mary's old gym

Strict Shoulder Press
8 Sets of 3 Reps @ 85% 1RM

10 Rounds
7 Pull-Ups (FB C2B)
7 Ring Dips

Can we skip the next presidential debate and go right to the SNL Skits, Youtube videos and memes.  

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