Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 10/20/16

Pictures are starting to come in from the photographer we had walking around.  It's a good thing we always have a photo booth and photographer at these events, this way people can focus on just enjoying themselves.  Again thank you for being a part of our fantastic community and building a lifestyle of fitness.

Shoulder Press
5 Sets of 5 Reps @ 75+% 1RM

WOD: (FB Version)
CrossFit Benchmark WOD called “Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Clean (135/95)

WOD Option 2:
3 Rounds
50 Air Squats
15 Ring Dips
10 Hang Power Clean (Mx 115/75, Rx 135/95)

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