Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 11/18/16

Check our schedule for next week, we have a modified schedule on Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving.

Also, remember we have the 6th Annual Bellevue Interbay Throwdown to support Toys for Tots.  Register your teams at and we need volunteers to help count.

Newer people spend 15-20 minutes working on Power Clean

More Seasoned
0-10 Minutes
5 Sets of 3 Clean Deadlift @ 110% your 1RM Clean

11-20 Minutes
5 Sets of 3 Reps Hang Power Clean

One time through for time:
30 Back Squat
30 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Thrusters
15 Minute time cap
*Newer-intermediate people stick with one weight you can use for all three barbell movements. 
**Intermediate - Experienced people can choose from the weights below.  Change weights after completing each barbell exercise.
***Barbell must start from the floor, no using the racks unless you're scaling but if you're scaling no changing weights between movements.

(Backsquat/Shoulder to Overhead/Thrusters)
Mx Men (115/95/75)
Rx Men (135/115/95)
FB Men (155/135/115)
MH Men (225/185/135)

Mx Women (85/65/55)
Rx Women (95/75/65)
FB Women (125/95/75)
MH Women (155/125/85)

oh yeah, MH = Meat Head :-)

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