Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 6/7/16

Ok Ok Ok, I lost a bet.  I made a bet with Andrew and Peter so many times in the past, and won.  If you have a couple of Patriots friends, you know they are super over confident with their team and they will always give you amazing odds.  Which if you've seen from previous posts, I win and win and win and win vs. Andrew and Peter.  The last bet we had they gave me 2 1/2 times the Vegas odds of the Bills vs. Patriots game.  Unfortunately I lost which meant I had to write a blog about how great the Pats are and I have to do 40 burpees in a Patriots Jersey.  Now I've won all previous bets, but this one time I lost. I apologize if I made anyone upset with that post, I was just paying up and researching facts about the Patriots.............they really did go to 11 AFC Championship Games, 6 Super Bowls and won 4 of them with Belichick and Brady, can't make that up.

We are still going through our Halloween pictures plus we felt it was more fitting to announce the winner of the contest on election day :-) so be on the look out for the post 11/8/16.......AND GO VOTE!!!!!

5 of the following Clean & Jerk cycles as heavy as you can while keeping quality form. Rest as needed between each cycle
1 power clean + 1 hang power clean +1 push jerk + 1 split jerk= 1 cycle

20 Thrusters (Mx 75/55, Rx 95/65, Rx+115/75, FB 135/95)
30 Burpees
600m Run
15 Thrusters
20 Burpees
400m Run
10 Thrusters
15 Burpees
200m Run

Ok, I need a little help here.  Erin and I are struggling with coming up with baby names.  Ok, we actually have names but can't agree on them. I told her I liked the name Crew and she scoffed thinking it was based off the 80's band Motley Crue............NO!!!!! It's much cooler than that.  Crew Jones, the kid that won Hell Track.  I need more support on my side.

Here is a little BMX Boogie to remind you of who this 80's Icon is. 

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