Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 12/21/16

Here is our next bingo.....teams that have a diamond, an example was posted on cfib's Instagram and FaceBook page yesterday, win the next bingo.  If we have a tie breaker we will have a fun challenge to determine the winner.

Wait............whose dog is that?

Beth and Nicole with their Holiday OH Squat

Beth and Nicole with their Holiday OH Squat

Strict Pull-Ups 4 Sets of 4 Reps, hold 2 seconds with your chin at the bar and a 4 second negative, if you can’t hit the reps, use a spotter or band.  If 4 is too easy then add more reps until you need a spotter to finish

4 Rounds
25/15 Push-Ups
Row 25/20 Calories
15 Deadlift (Mx 185/135, Rx 225/155)
*Rest 2 Minutes after each round - self timed

This is for you East Coasters

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