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Friday 12/23/16 "The new standard for non-traditional Christmas Movies"

We have a few important things to discuss today.  1) Friday is our 12 Days of Christmas WOD.  2) Discussing evidence of a new non-traidtional Christmas movie to watch and 3) We have regular classes on Saturday, Christmas Eve but there will be no classes on Sunday, Christmas.  We will have our regular schedule on Monday, December 26th.

So earlier this week I discussed how Die Hard and Home Alone aren’t Christmas movies.  Today I thought it was best to introduce you to a movie that’s not considered a Christmas movie but should be the new standard for non-traditional Christmas movies to watch during the holiday season.

Let’s quickly recap the two rules that are required in all Christmas movies:  1) There needs to be something magical in it and 2) You need reformed villains .

First, Flash was released December 51980, right when all holiday movies are released.  Flash has both of those very important criteria listed above.    Plus the entire movie looks like Christmas blew up on the set, with all the holiday colors of red, green and gold with sparkling lights and shiny things.  Seriously the movie looks like an action packed kick ass Christmas Tree.  Even The Emperor Ming’s castle looks like a Christmas tree that’s covered in lights (Pictures attached).  Not only is the entire movie decorated in Christmas colors, every woman is dressed like a Christmas tree too, so it has the holiday spirit non-stop.  

Is there something magical in it? You bet there is!  Not only is there something magical with the Emperor Ming’s Magic but then you include the spirit of the earthlings to rebel against Ming as well as rallying enemy forces together to bring down a bigger, magical force.  

There are reformed characters in the movie too.  Prince Baron and Prince Vultan were against Flash and the earthlings and were enemies amongst each other too.  During this movie they see the error in their ways, join forces with Flash and each other then become life-long friends at the end.  Seriously, I shed a tear every time I think of the kindness these two show and how they turned around. 

So sit with your family this holiday season and gather around the tv watching "Flash"..............he saved every one of us.

The WOD is done for time and the sequence is done the same way as The 12 Days of Christmas is sung. Athletes are encouraged to wear “Christmas style” clothing, such as a Santa or elf hat or jingle bells during the WOD to show their holiday spirit.  

"CFIB 12 Days of Christmas"
1 Strict Chin-Up (Rx+ 1 Muscle Up, FB 1 Strict Muscle Up)

2 V-Ups
3 Goblet Squats (55/35)
4 M - Clapping Push-Ups/ W – Strict Push-Ups
5 Jumping Lunges (Right + Left = 1)
6 KB Swings (55/35)
7 Pull-Ups (kipping)
8 Wall Balls (20/14)
9 Sit-Ups
10 Burpees
11 KB Snatch (55/35)(Scale by using a dumbbell for single arm snatch, R +L = 1, do 11 on your right then 11 onyour left)
12 Clean & Jerks (Mx 115/75, Rx & Rx+ 135/95, FB 155/105)

Example of how the workout is done.
Round 1:  1 Strict Chin-Up
Round 2: 2 V-Ups then 1 Strict Chin-Up
Round 3: 3 Goblet Squats, 2 V-Ups, 1 Strict Chin-Up
Round 4: 4 Push-Ups, 3 Goblet Squats, 2 V-Ups, 1 Strict Chin-Up

This scene has everything you could want in a Christmas movie. It has beautiful holiday colors, women dressed as Christmas trees and little aliens wrapped as Christmas presents.  Plus you add in's a win for the whole family.

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