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Tuesday 12/6/16

Here is a great post from Coach Nicole S.

So I was stopped at a light the other day and peeked into a gym where I saw a private training session in progress.  A coach was starting a new client on his fitness journey.  Yay, you say, fitness for all!  Crap, I say, this guy is one rep away from a hernia and a lawsuit!  The coach started the guy on sledgehammer strikes.  As I watched the guy tried to swing the hammer overhead, he lost control at the top of the swing and narrowly avoided braining himself.  I feel like this coach had just received a shiny new training certificate and was excited about all the fun movements he could add to his program.  But he forgot about one important ingredient: the client and his current capabilities.

This is why we start everyone in the fundamentals class.  This is why we review the fundamentals over and over at moderate weights until both the coach AND the athlete feel confident in their movement patterns and ready for more.  We drill the mechanics, then consistency, and add intensity last.  We practice the basics until your posture and balance and core control are ingrained.  Then we start to increase your volume.  Intensity is last for a reason.  Our brains turn off when we start to push harder and if our form breaks down under pressure often we can’t recognize it and bring it back because we’re too deep in the hole.

This is why your coach watches you like a hawk.  Your feet, your core, your shoulders.  We are watching for tiny balance changes and shifts in position.  When all of those bits are moving according to plan, then we start adding reps and weight.  If you feel you’re ready for this before your coach is, ask us!  Chances are we are watching a specific movement issue and we want you to improve it before we start getting spicy.  However, we try to communicate this with you so you don’t feel ignored or stuck on a plateau. 

So when, oh when, can we add the sledgehammer or the butterfly pull-up or the 500# yoke?  All these activities are accessory movements for situations when you’ve mastered the basics and are ready for another challenge.  Maybe you’d like to compete and you want a big set of super-fast pull-ups to help your team advance.  Maybe you’ve been lifting heavy for a while and you’d like to try some Strongman or Powerlifting events.  Maybe you’ve done all the bodyweight and barbell movements many many times and you want to get feisty with obstacle courses and odd objects.  Great!  These are fun and have value in a training program.  But they are not where we start out.

As coaches, we strive to match everyone with an appropriate scale or challenge for a particular movement.  This can be difficult with a large and varied class but we try our best.  For safety reasons, unless I know personally the advanced go-getters in my classes, I start everyone with a progression and move up from there once I’ve seen everyone move.  Handstands are a perfect example and I will run everyone through my progression with increasing difficulty until I start to see less mastery of the positions.  Not failure, because that’s painful.  But somewhere we can practice something challenging without danger.  We are all at a different place on this skill mastery and fitness journey but we all have to start with step 1, not step 47…

Coach Nicole

Coach  Nicole and Coach Amanda

Coach  Nicole and Coach Amanda

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4 Rounds
300/250m Row
12 Thrusters (Mx 75/65, Rx 95/65)
*4 Minutes Rest after each round

Post WOD: (optional)
3 Sets of 10 Reps Dumbbell Lateral Raises
3 Sets of 10 Reps Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raises

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